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The Reading First Support website is primarily focused on meeting the needs of existing Reading First grantees and subgrantees. It is also useful for other schools and LEAs wishing to implement reading instruction that is grounded in scientifically based reading research.

Reading First Fact Sheet and Data

Reading First Advisory Committee

No Approved List of Reading First Programs

In response to a number of questions received from the field, the Reading First program office wants to clarify that there is no Department "approved list" of reading programs for use under the Reading First program. The U.S. Department of Education has not developed or endorsed any list of instructional programs as appropriate for this grant program.

The Department would like to clarify and correct any misunderstandings there may be about which programs and materials may be used in connection with Reading First. Department officials have continually stressed that there is not any sort of list of "sanctioned" programs. The critical issue is that any and all reading programs and materials used in the Reading First program must be based upon scientifically based reading research as that term is defined in the program statute.

Program Guidance in the answer to Question H-7 discusses the considerable flexibility States have in ensuring that Reading First funds go only to local educational agencies that will implement high quality programs that meet the requirements of Reading First. This guidance is available on the Reading First Legislation, Regulations, and Guidance page.

  • Reading First Implementation Evaluation: Interim Report
    download files PDF (5.5M) (July 2006)

  • Designed for classroom teachers, Put Reading First describes the findings of the NRP and provides analysis and discussion of five areas of reading instruction. To view this document online, please visit: Put Reading First: The Research Building Blocks for Teaching Children to Read. You can also download the PDF version:
    download files PDF. (September 2001)

  • Parents have an important role to play in developing their children's literacy. To learn more about how to promote reading at home, they may want to consult the Parent's Guide. To view this document online, please visit: Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn to Read. You can also download the PDF version:
    download files PDF. (June 2003)

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