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Estimated Available Funds for Phase 2: $3.4 billion.

Estimated Range of Awards: $20 million-$700 million.

Budget Requirements

In order to fund as many strong applications as possible, the Department has issued a new rule for the Phase 2 competition.

  • Key information regarding the rule (also below). download files PDF (90.7K)

  • The full rule

For Phase 2 of the Fiscal Year 2010 competition, the State’s budget must conform to the budget ranges below; we will not consider a State’s application if its request exceeds the maximum in its budget range. Most importantly, the State should develop a budget that is appropriate for and consistent with the plan it outlines in its application.

Category 1—$350-700 million California, Texas, New York, Florida
Category 2—$200-400 million Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey
Category 3—$150-250 million Virginia, Arizona, Indiana, Washington, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin
Category 4—$60-175 million Minnesota, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, Connecticut, Utah, Mississippi, Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas, Nevada
Category 5—$20-75 million New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, District of Columbia

Note: The Department will decide on the size of each State's award based on a detailed review of the budget the State requests, considering such factors as the size of the State, level of LEA participation, and the proposed activities.

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Last Modified: 04/07/2010