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“ Having great, current principals working with us on an ongoing basis will only make us better”
– Secretary Duncan

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Education was thrilled to launch the first Principal Ambassador Fellowship (PAF) program, modeled on the current Teaching Ambassador Fellowship program, in order to better allow local leaders to both contribute their knowledge and experience to the national dialogue about public education and in turn learn more about education policy at the Federal level. Three principals were selected as the first Principal Ambassador Fellows to serve through summer 2015.

The PAF program is meant to recognize the important impact that a principal has on instructional leadership, the school environment, and talent management. In order to implement needed reforms, all stakeholders, and most importantly teachers and principals, must understand the intent of policy and be engaged in the outcomes. The PAF position provides outstanding principals who have a record of leadership, student achievement, strong communication skills, and insights from their school experiences an opportunity to highlight the voice of the principal within the education community and the country at large.

While the exact mission and goals of the PAF program are still being shaped by the first class of PAFs, the initial goals of the program are to:

  • Recognize the importance and impact of principals in schools on instructional leadership, talent management, and community culture
  • Improve education programs and policies by strengthening the connection to practical knowledge about school realities to find a better way to recruit, prepare, develop, and retain effective school leaders
  • Highlight the voice of principals with the education community and country at large

Throughout this experience, the fellows work in cohorts to achieve three goals:

  • LEARN about federal education policy and ED
  • REACH out to  principals and other school leaders in the field
  • REFLECT with ED staff on the knowledge gained

For more information on the background of the PAF Program, please review our Program Overview.

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Last Modified: 09/23/2014