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Application Steps

STEP ONE (On-line Resume):

Applicants must create a user account on USAJOBS and create or upload a resume. The information you provide in your resume will become part of your application and will automatically be transferred to the Department of Education’s system, EDHires, when you apply on-line.

STEP TWO (Personal Information):

 1.  Once you have been transferred, follow the on-screen prompts to complete your application. Be certain to read the on-screen instructions thoroughly before continuing. First, you will be asked to complete or update your information on file.

 2.  If you have already been to the Department’s site you will have the option to update your information on file or go directly to the assessment.  We recommend selecting the option to update your information on file each time you apply. By selecting this option you will be able to verify your data on file is accurate. Additionally, previously faxed supporting documentation is stored within this section and you will be able to review your stored documents and/or print fax cover sheets if you need to submit/re-submit documents.

3.  After completing or updating your information, you will be notified of the announcement types to which you are eligible to apply. Follow the prompts to move through the website.

STEP THREE (Responses to Vacancy Questions):

1.  After reviewing your supporting documentation, you will be asked to respond to questions specific to this vacancy. You must respond to all questions in order to save response and to continue with the application process.  Each response must be limited to 5000 characters without spaces (approximately 500 words). It is recommended that you compose and save your answers in a separate document and paste them into the online application. You are encouraged to visit to learn more about work of the Department of Education before completing your answers.

2.  Once you have answered all vacancy questions click on [Finished].

STEP FOUR (Submission of Letters of Recommendation)

1. At the bottom of the online Section entitled [Documents] you will see a box for Fellowship Letters. You may upload your letters directly to your application or fax them using a specific cover sheet which will attach them to your application. Please note that letters of recommendation must be signed (and on letterhead as appropriate to the writer) in order to be accepted.

2. If you choose to fax, you MUST use the specific Cover Sheet generated by pressing on [Fax] and [Generate Cover sheet.] This will provide a sheet with a bar code specific for your application and a fax number. You MUST use this Cover Sheet in order for your letters to be attached to your application and you MUST include both letters of support at the same time.

3. Please note that the SF-50, Transcript, and Sch. A Ltr also listed in the Documents section are NOT required for this application and will not be reviewed as a part of your application. Please DO NOT send them.

STEP FIVE (Review and Submit Application):

The final step of the application process is to review and submit your complete online application package.

1.  Review the personal information, vacancy questions and resume for accuracy and completeness.

2.  Once you are satisfied with your application click on [Finished] to submit your application. If you do not click on the [Finished] button your application will not be submitted and you will not receive consideration.

3.  Once you have submitted your application you will be redirected back to USAJOBS where you may view your application status, continue to browse for open positions and/or apply for additional positions.

You may return at any time until midnight Eastern Time on the closing date of the announcement to update or make changes to your application.

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Last Modified: 06/19/2013