Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship in the Education Sciences

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Current information about this program can be found under the Education Research program.

Florida State University
Principal Investigator: Christopher Lonigan
PIRT Postdoctoral Program to Increase Research Capacity in the Education Sciences

Purdue University
Principal Investigator: Douglas Powell
Postdoctoral Training Fellowships in Early Childhood Intervention and Teacher Quality Research

University of California – Berkeley
Principal Investigator: Prentice Starkey
Postdoctoral Training in Early Childhood Intervention Research

University of Chicago
Principal Investigator: Larry Hedges
Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship in the Education Sciences

University of Pittsburgh
Principal Investigator: Charles Perfetti
IES Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Vanderbilt University
Principal Investigator: David Cordray
Postdoctoral Experimental Education Research Training – ExpERT Plus

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Last Modified: 10/24/2006