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Predominantly Black Institutions Program - Formula Grants

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Applicant Information

There are three application processes for funding under this program:

  • Designation as an Eligible Institution for Title III and Title V Programs
  • Phase 1. Eligibility and Formula Data
  • Phase 2. Project Plan, Standard Forms, Certifications and Surveys

FY 2014 Application for Eligibility

You must be designated an eligible institution before applying for funding under this program. The latest application to request designation as an eligible institution and to request a waiver of the non-federal cost share requirement is available. Please note the closing date(s) and refer to the Federal Register Notice.


Phase 1. Program-Specific Eligibility and Formula Data

Part I of the application is the submission of information required for the Department to determine whether or not an institution qualifies as a PBI, and to calculate how much funding a PBI will receive, based on the formula established in the program legislation.  The information will be submitted on a form that must be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment to by 12:00:00 a.m. Washington, DC time, on the deadline date.  In order to calculate how much all grantee institutions will receive, it is essential that Part I of the application, the Formula Data, be submitted on time.  No calculations can be made unless and until all PBIs have submitted the required information in full.  Once determinations have been made, institutions will be informed whether or not they qualify as a PBI and how much they will be receiving. Applicants are strongly encouraged not to wait for this notification before beginning Part II of the application.

Phase 2. Project Plan, Standard Forms, Certifications and Surveys

In Phase 2, Parts II and III of the application will be submitted after the institution is informed by the Department how much funding it will receive based on the data submitted by the institution in Part I. Part II includes the budget, budget narrative, and a project narrative of no more than 50 pages describing the project activities, the goals and objectives of the project, and an evaluation plan including performance measures. Part III of the application includes the standard forms, certifications and surveys. More guidance regarding the Project Plan can be found in the application.


Last Competition: FY 2011
Applications Available: August 17, 2011
Deadline for Transmittal of Phase I Formula Data: September 1, 2011
Deadline for Transmittal of Phase II Project Plan: September 16, 2011

Federal Register Notice

Current Application

FY 2011 Application (Archived)

Application Contacts

Dr. Katie Blanding, Team Leader
Telephone: (202) 219-7049

Bernadette Miles
Telephone: (202) 502-7616

Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of Education, OPE
Higher Education Programs
Institutional Service
1990 K Street, N.W., 6th Floor
Mail Stop K-OPE-6-6055
Washington, DC 20006
Telephone: (202) 502-7777
Fax: (202) 502-7861


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Last Modified: 11/04/2014