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Special Education--National Activities--Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities Program

Current Section  Awards
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Current grantees under the National Activities-Technical Assistance and Dissemination program, as of June 1, 2015, are listed below. For more information on specific projects, including project abstracts and contact information, please visit the Office of Special Education Program's Discretionary Grants Public Database at: To locate a specific project in that database, search using its grant/PR number. The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) of the initial grant award for a project is indicated by the two digits following the second alpha (e.g., H323A110005 was first awarded in FFY 2011).

327A: Steppingstones of Technology Innovation for Children with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H328M140005 West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc.
H328M140024 Support & Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP), Inc.
H328M140021 South Dakota Parent Connection, Inc.
H328M140011 Rhode Island Parent Information Network
H328M140003 Raising Special Kids
H328M140019 PAVE .
H328M140016 Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming, Inc.
H328M140002 Parent Information Center of Delaware, Inc.
H328M140013 Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
H328M140015 Parent Education and Advocacy Leadership Center
H328M140007 PACER Center, Inc.
H328M140010 Oklahoma Parents Center, Inc.
H328M140006 NH Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities
H328M140022 IMPACT
H328M140023 Mississippi Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities
H328M140008 Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii
H328M140004 Indiana Resource Center for Families with Special Needs (IN*SOURCE)
H328M140020 Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc.
H328M140014 Federation for Children with Special Needs, Inc.
H328M140018 Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans
H328M140025 Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, Inc.
H328M140026 Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc.
H328M140017 Access for Special Kids Resource Center, Inc.
H328M130001 Parents, Let's Unite for Kids
H328M130002 Arkansas Disability Coalition

327D: Educational Materials in Accessible Formats for Students with Visual Impairments and Other Print Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H327D120002 Beneficent Technology, Inc.

327F: Center on Technology and Disability
PR # Awardee
H327F130003 Family Health International

327L: Models Promoting Young Children’s Use of Assistive Technology
PR # Awardee
H327L120003 FHI Development 360, LLC
H327L120005 PACER Center, Inc.
H327L120010 University of Delaware

327M: Technology Implementation Center
PR # Awardee
H327M110003 Center for Applied Special Technology, Inc. (CAST)

327N: Captioned and Described Educational Media: Selection, Closed Captioning, Video Description, and Distribution
PR # Awardee
H327N110002 National Association of the Deaf

327S: Stepping-Up Technology Implementation
PR # Awardee
H327S140017 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
H327S140019 University of Oregon
H327S140024 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H327S130017 Arizona State University
H327S130008 University of Washington
H327S130010 Oregon Health & Science University
H327S120007 California State University Auxiliary Services, Inc. (Los Angeles)
H327S120011 George Mason University
H327S120022 Ohio State University, The
H327S120018 Southern Methodist University, Inc.
H327S120019 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
H327S120012 University of Massachusetts Boston
H327S120017 University of Oregon

327U: Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities
PR # Awardee
H327U110011 University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.

327Z: National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning
PR # Awardee
H327Z140001 Center for Applied Special Technology, Inc. (CAST)

Last Modified: 09/01/2015