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National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

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National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Annual Performance Report and Data System

Each year NIDRR grantees must complete a Web-Based Annual Performance Report/Survey (APR) and/or a Web-Based Final Performance Report/Survey (FPR) using a username and password protected website that is maintained by a contractor.

NIDRR's APRs and FPRs contain a series of detailed questions covering various areas of interest to NIDRR and our constituencies. Our APRs and FPRs are considered federal survey or statistical information collection efforts and therefore must comply with the Office of Management and Budget Guidance on Agency Survey and Statistical Information Collections.disclaimer

In 2010-11, NIDRR worked to translate APR data so that the results can be more readily used by Project Officers to monitor grants and by management to better summarize the work of NIDRR. Extensive data tables and graphs based upon APR data have been developed. For more information on the availability of these data tables and graphs, email, the Contracting Officer Representative for the APR contract.

NIDRR has also established a crosscutting data team to address updating the APR online survey for OMB clearance and to improve functionality.

If you have questions about the Web-based Annual Performance Reporting System, you may email

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Last Modified: 05/31/2012