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National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)

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National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research Annual Performance Report and Data System

Grantees Keep NIDILRR Informed by Completing a Web-Based Form Each Year

Each year NIDILRR grantees must complete a Web-Based Annual Performance Report/Survey (APR) and/or a Web-Based Final Performance Report/Survey (FPR) using a username and password protected website that is maintained by a contractor.

NIDILRR's Annual and Final Performance Reports Request Detailed Information From Grantees

NIDILRR's APRs and FPRs contain a series of detailed questions covering various areas of interest to NIDILRR and our constituencies. Our APRs and FPRs are considered federal survey or statistical information collection efforts and therefore must comply with the Office of Management and Budget Guidance on Agency Survey and Statistical Information Collections.disclaimer

NIDILRR Grantees No Longer Need to Wonder What NIDILRR Does with APR Data

In the age of transparency and accountability, many stakeholders want a snapshot that shows how NIDILRR money is distributed across and within its programs; the type of research, development, and training projects carried out by its grantees, and , what research, development, and traning projectsNIDILRR Summary of 2012 Annual Performance Reports from NIDILRR Grantees

NIDILRR establishes In-House cross-cutting data team to make the online APR System Even Better

NIDILRR serves many different constituencies who always want the latest data on whatever issue or problem they care about. To better serve these groups, NIDILRR has established an in-house crosscutting data team to address updating the APR online survey for OMB clearance and to improve functionality. Improving its functionality means things like creating a reporting area where NIDILRR staff can run reports that summarize grantee data in various ways. The information in these reports can then be used to respond to the many questions we get.

If You Have Got Questions about Our ReportingSystem, We Can Get You Answers

If you have questions about the Web-based Annual Performance Reporting System, you may email

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Last Modified: 03/30/2015