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NIDILRR grantees develop products that benefit students and individuals with disabilities. Below is a sampling of some of the products that are available right now:

  • Three Applications to the iTunes Store that Helps Kids Who are Deaf to Succeed in School.

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In 2011, NIDILRR-funded SBIR grantee, Vcom3D, added three applications to the iTunes store that helps kids who are deaf succeed in school (H133S090134), (H133S100037), and (H133S090074). Young, middle school, and junior high-school learners who use American Sign Language can now use the following three mobile applications, available on iTunes, to make learning science and math easier:

  • How do Individuals Who are Blind Get the "Feel" and Sound of Their Neighborhood?

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In 2008, NIDILRR SBIR-funded grantee, Touch Graphics, helped individuals who are blind get the "feel" and sound of their neighborhood (H133S060105). Getting around the neighborhood is easier with these custom tactile audio maps, which are made to order.

Read more about these amazing maps in the following article: Miele, J., Landau, S. and Gilden, D. 2006 Talking TMAP: Automated generation of audio-tactile maps using Smith-Kettlewell's TMAP Software British Journal of Visual Impairment 24 93-100. After reading about these maps, you may want to order one.

For more information on how NIDILRR assesses its performance and the performance of its grantees, go to NIDILRR's own performance page.


Collecting and Reporting on Grantee Accomplishments

NIDILRR-funded grantees generate new knowledge and products that are useful to individuals with disabilities, their families and the various professionals who serve them.

Our grantees report this "new knowledge" and these products to our on-line Annual Performance Reporting (ARR) System. Members of NIDILRR's evaluation team then review these accomplishments for possible posting to this accomplishments page.

These accomplishments can be grouped into three domains that correspond to our Long-Range Plan. Domains are like areas of importance to everyone and they include:

  • health and function;
  • employment participation and
  • community living.

A fourth domain, or area, is known as "cross-cutting." Cross-cutting means that accomplishments in this category were classifed in two or more of the preceding areas.


Grantees Can Nominate Their Own Accomplishments

We are proud of the accomplishments that our grantees achieve because we know how tough the research and development process can sometimes be. In order to celebrate the accomplishments of our grantees, we are accepting accomplishment nominations from our grantees.

If you've got an accomplishment or story that you are proud of and want others to know about, send no more than one half page description of it in MS Word to the NIDILRR Webmaster and your Project Officer. Remember, write it using simple language that everyone can understand. Also include a newspaper-type headline that will draw a reader's attention to it and include links in the story where readers can learn more. Then check this page to see if we have accepted your nomination.


How NIDILRR Decides Which Accomplishments Get Posted

Members of NIDILRR's evaluation team examine the accomplishments to determine if they satisfy the following requirements:

  1. comply with the Department's Plain Writing Initiative,
  2. have been approved for posting to the web, and/or
  3. are already available on the market.


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Last Modified: 03/30/2015