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Advocacy and Outreach Through Interagency Coordination

Interagency coordination refers to collaborative efforts undertaken by two or more different agencies to ensure that migrant children and their families have access to employment training and all educational and health services for which they are eligible. While the statute does not identify specific agencies or programs with which the SEA and local operating agencies must coordinate, the statute does require (in Section 1304(c)(6)) that, to the extent feasible, programs and projects conduct advocacy and outreach activities for migra nt children and their families, including assisting them in gaining access to education, health, nutrition, and social services available from other agencies. Programs that might provide useful services for migrant families include those that operate programs under the Job Training Partnership Act, especially Section 402, the Migrant Head Start Program, and the Migrant Health Program.

Examples of Advocacy and Outreach Through Interagency Coordination

  • Each summer, the Ohio migrant education program, in cooperation with Maumee Valley Presbytery and several State and local agencies, sponsors a Migrant Mobile Health Fair. The annual event is facilitated by St. Vincent's Hospital in Toledo, which provi des a mobile unit staffed by volunteers and qualified professionals who offer health screenings to approximately 1,000 migrant children and their parents. Health services include dental examinations, immunization injections, vision tests, and height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. Contact: Jose Villa, Director of Migrant Education; Division of Federal Assistance; 933 High Street; Worthington, Ohio 43085; (614) 466-4161.

  • The Western Region of the Massachusetts Migrant Education Program (MMEP) was a founding member in the New England Farmworker Advocates Coalition, which consists of agencies and individuals committed to improving the lives of the diverse population of migratory farmworkers and their families. The MMEP works with the coalition to network and coordinate access to services, to pass along eligibility criteria for education programs, and to receive assistance in identification and recruitment of children eligible for the MEP. Contact: Robert Kyriakakis; Coordinator, Migrant Education Program; Learning Support Services; Massachusetts Department of Education; 350 Main Street; Malden, Massachusetts 02148-5023; (617) 388-3300, extension 509.

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Last Modified: 05/15/2009