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Foundations for Learning Grants

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The Foundations for Learning Program awards grants to develop innovative approaches to help children become ready for school. Projects funded under this program must:

  • Deliver services to eligible children and their families that foster eligible children's emotional, behavioral, and social development;
  • Coordinate and facilitate access by eligible children and their families to the services available through community resources, including those related to mental health, physical health, substance abuse, education, domestic violence prevention, child welfare, and social services; and
  • Develop or enhance early childhood community partnerships and build toward a community system of care that brings together child-serving agencies or organizations to provide individualized supports for eligible children and their families.

The target population for this program is children ages 0-7 to whom two or more of the following characteristics apply:

  • The child has been abused, maltreated, or neglected.
  • The child has been exposed to violence.
  • The child has been homeless.
  • The child has been removed from childcare, Head Start, or preschool for behavioral reasons or is at risk of being so removed.
  • The child has been exposed to parental depression or other mental illness.
  • The family income with respect to the child is below 200 percent of the poverty line.
  • The child has been exposed to parental substance abuse.
  • The child has had early behavioral and peer relationship problems.
  • The child had a low birth weight.
  • The child has a cognitive deficit or development disability.

Eligible applicants under this competition are local educational agencies (LEAs); local councils; community-based organizations (CBOs), including faith-based organizations, provided that they meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; other public and nonprofit private entities; or a combination of such entities.


Ontario-Montclair School District

Contact: Bonnie Mooney
Telephone#: (909) 418-6514

Ontario-Montclair School District's High Five Plus project combines the school district and two of its community initiatives to promote school readiness and enhance an integrated system of organizations that facilitates proactive collaboration. The goals of the program are to increase access to mental health services through expanded community outreach; increasing the number of eligible children who receive early childhood education and parenting classes; and increasing the number of children and families who have improved health status, ability to meet basic needs, family functioning, and school readiness, as a result of accessing the community agencies. High Five Plus will use a multifaceted approach including mental health strategies, parent leadership and skills training, and enhanced case management and referral to assist eligible children to become ready for school.


Bridgeport Hospital

Contact: Darcy Lowell
Telephone#: (203) 384-3626

The Child FIRST project will seek to build strong, positive relationships while decreasing environmental risk for the highest risk children of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The project will increase: mental health consultation to early education, Bridgeport Schools and other community providers; intensive home-based parent-child intervention so that children make significant, measurable gains in their social-emotional, behavioral, and language development; the number of parents reporting stress and depression; comprehensive wrap-around services and supports for parents and children; and collaboration and coordination between and among providers and systems.


Starkville School District

Contact: Joan Butler
Telephone#: (662) 615-0033

The Starkville School District, in conjunction with the Early Childhood Education Coalition in Oktibbeha County, seeks to promote social and emotional skills for eligible children by increasing the ability of teachers and parents to support children's development, adapting classroom environments to accommodate practices that promote social and emotional development, and increasing the individualized support from child-serving agencies or organizations for families of eligible children. The project is focused on the Teaching Pyramid Model, which uses a Universal, Prevention, and Intervention tiered approach using The Incredible Years curriculum.


Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, Inc.

Contact: William Crenshaw
Telephone#: (802) 334-6532

The Northeast Kingdom Learning Services' project, A Systemic Approach to Kindergarten Readiness, is a regional collaborative between three neighboring counties in Vermont: Franklin, Grand Isle and Chittenden. The project seeks to develop a comprehensive community system of care through the following goals: (1) enhancing early childhood community partnerships; (2) ensuring eligible children and their families receive individualized supports; (3) increasing parents' and early educators' ability to foster their children's social and emotional development; and (3) increasing children's healthy social, emotional and behavioral development. They seek to reach these goals by creating a committee to oversee the service delivery planning and development, and practitioners, childcare providers, and parents will receive training and mentoring support to improve their understanding of children's social and emotional development. The intended outcomes are to build capacity and sustainability for early childhood services through a comprehensive and coordinated infrastructure; to improve accessibility and individualization of services for families and children; and to promote improved understanding of best practices for fostering children's development and enhancing kindergarten readiness.

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Last Modified: 05/19/2009