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FY 2005 Grant Award Abstracts
CFDA # 84.215H
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Boone Early Childhood Partners Project Director: Lana Poole
1400 Rock Quarry Road Email:
Room Q161 (573) 884-1799
Columbia, MO 65211-3280 (573) 884-0598 Fax

Boone Early Childhood Partners was awarded a grant for $ 285,519 under the Foundations for Learning Grants Program. The organization will utilize these grant funds to advance the following three goals: (1) Increase children's emotional, behavioral, and social development by enhancing teachers' knowledge and use of teaching strategies to promote social-emotional functioning; (2) Increase individualized family support services and access to community resources; and (3) Increase family involvement in the early childhood program and school readiness activities. It is anticipated that there will be multiple outcomes from this project. Children will improve their total protective factor scores (initiative, attachment, and self control) and decrease their behavior concern scores and experience a smooth transition into school. Parents and teachers will increase their knowledge of practices that promote children's development and families will experience an increase in individualized family support services.

Rhode Island

Children's Friend and Service Pro ject Director: Teresa DeBoise
153 Summer Street Email:
Providence, RI 02903-4011

(401) 276-4378


(401) 331-3285 Fax

Children's Friend and Service was awarded a grant for $243,034 under the Foundations for Learning Grants Program. This organization and its partners will enhance and expand existing efforts to improve the school readiness of vulnerable young children. The goals of this program are to: (1) improve the school readiness of at-risk young children by supporting and enhancing their social, emotional and behavioral development; (2) significantly decrease the number of children excluded from childcare programs due to challenging behavior; (3) increase providers' abilities to meet the social, emotional and behavioral health needs of young children; and (4) enhance the community system of care to effectively respond to children with challenging behaviors and their families.


Grant Wood Area Education Agency Project Director: Jeananne R. Hagen
4401 Sixth Street, SW Email: JHAGEN@AEA10.K12.IA.US
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-4499 (319) 399-6425
  (319) 399-6457 Fax

Grant Wood Area Education Agency was awarded a grant for $296,595 under the Foundations for Learning Grants Program. The goal of this project is to improve the behavior and early literacy skills of eligible kindergarteners through: (1) early detection of behavior and early literacy needs; (2) parental training and support; (3) a "behavior interventionist" treatment model; and (4) a family-centered, community linkage effort.




Fresno Covenant Foundation

Project Director: Matilda Soria

2727 N. First Street Email:
Fresno, CA 93703-1208

(559) 226-4672

(559) 226-3088 Fax

Fresno Covenant Foundationwas awarded a grant for $ 297,939 under the Foundations for Learning Grants Program. The organization will utilize these grant funds to expand the social, emotional, and behavioral components for at-risk children in at least 30 families. The program implemented by the Fresno Covenant will empower families, provide social support, build relationships with participating clients and the community, enhance communication skills, and maintain effective communication.

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Last Modified: 11/03/2011