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Investing in Innovation (i3) Call for Peer Reviewers

CONTEXT: The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement (OII), is interested in individuals to serve as peer reviewers for future Investing in Innovation (i3) grant competitions. NOTE: Even if you registered to be a peer reviewer in prior years, we ask that you check your registration to ensure we have current information. (See instructions outlined below).

WHO: The Department is interested in peer reviewers from various backgrounds and professions including: PK-12 teachers and principals, college and university educators, educational evaluators, social entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, grant makers, and others with education expertise. Reviewers must have expertise in at least one of the program's priority areas or in educational evaluation. Additionally, the most qualified candidates will have expertise in: program or organizational innovation, strategic planning, scaling successful programs, and/or prior experience reviewing or approving grant applications (further discussion below).

REQUIRED AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Reviewers will be selected to serve in one of the two following categories (you may be considered for either or both).

i3 Priorities

You must have specific expertise in at least one of i3 priority areas listed below. For a detailed explanation of these priority areas, see the descriptions included in the i3 Notice of Final Priorities published on March 27, 2013 and available at

  • Improving the Effectiveness of Teachers or Principals
  • Improving Low-Performing Schools
  • Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education
  • Improving Standards and Assessments
  • Improving Academic Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
  • Improving Academic Outcomes for English Learners (ELs)
  • Improving Cost-Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Effective Use of Technology
  • Enabling Broad Adoption of Effective Practices
  • Serving Rural Communities


Educational Evaluation

The Department is also seeking peer reviewers with experience in designing, conducting, and reviewing rigorous educational evaluations, including:

  • Understanding of education research and recent findings in the relevant literature
  • Knowledge of education data sources and measures of program implementation and outcomes
  • Expertise with experimental and quasi-experimental research designs
  • Fluency in reviewing organizational and project evaluation plans and evaluation results


Innovation, such as:

  • Experience designing, developing and implementing education or related programs that demonstrated successful outcomes/attempted new approaches
  • Experience founding an organization/company or school

Strategic Planning, such as:

  • Experience in education policy making
  • Experience as a strategy consultant
  • Experience as a senior-level administrator, particularly in school districts, charter management organizations, state education agencies, and/or education-related non-profits

Growth and Scaling Programs/Organizations, such as:

  • Experience building, managing and/or overseeing relationships across multiple organizations to deliver a service/product
  • Experience initiating and/or implementing large-scale projects
  • Experience transferring or adapting projects/organizations to new settings

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: In addition to the skills, attributes and expertise highlighted above, peer reviewers must also meet the following requirements:


Peer reviewers must generally be available for a 4 week time period and will work remotely and via teleconference. This page will be updated with more detailed information when the i3 program conducts its next competition.

Tools: Each reviewer must have access to the Internet, a phone, a printer and have the ability to interact within a web-based environment.

Quality of Review: Each reviewer must commit to providing detailed, objective, constructive, and timely written reviews for each assigned application. These reviews will be used to recommend applications for funding. They will also be shared with each applicant following the reviews.


IF INTERESTED: If you would like to be considered as a peer reviewer, please follow these directions download files PDF (799 KB) to register yourself in our online peer reviewer database.

It is critical to register using the instructions above to be considered as a potential peer reviewer.

The online registration requires you to submit your resume; please ensure your resume (maximum of 5 pages) includes a brief list of career highlights and/or outlines your specific expertise either in evaluation or in the i3 priority areas for which you would like to be considered as a reviewer. Please do not exceed the five-page limit for resumes.

When the system prompts you for your areas of specialization, please ensure you select at least one specialization area of which you have expertise that relates to the i3 priority areas, such as: “teacher preparation,” “school leadership,” “strategy management,” “school turnaround models,” “student services,” “professional development,” “STEM,” “disabilities and rehabilitation services,” “school-based mental health services,” “English language learners,” “standards”,” “education technology,” or “rural education.”:

If you desire, you may indicate additional areas of expertise outside of the i3 Absolute Priorities (e.g., “charter schools” or “evidence standards”) to indicate complementary areas of expertise, but you are not required to do so.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: For more information about the i3 Program, go to Please direct all questions, to the i3 Peer Review inbox at

To become a member of the i3 distribution list and receive i3 updates, please go to the following link:

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Last Modified: 09/30/2014