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Georgia 2010 Development Grant Abstract


Forsyth County Schools

PR Award Number:


Project Title:

Engage ME — P.L.E.A.S.E. (Personalized Learning Experiences Accelerate Standards-based Education)

Project Director:

Mike Evans

Amount of Award:


Length of Award:

5 years

Absolute Priority:

AP2: Use of Data

List of Partners (with states for each):

Infinite Campus (MN)

Project Website:

Description of Project:

Forsyth County Schools has multiple software applications that contain student data, assessment data and learning resources. Presently, silos of information, each requiring a separate application and login, include full-time equivalent/program data for state and federal reporting; a learning management system that includes learning resources and course information; a student information system (SIS) that provides data for multiple other applications (e.g., transportation, redistricting, and food services); and Response to Intervention (RtI) assessment data. Also, although instruction is based on standards, the standards are not connected to the other data. This disconnect results in teachers being unable to analyze all student data to make smart choices for instruction. Engage ME — P.L.E.A.S.E. will integrate several systems into one data system to create a role-based portal so that students and teachers can access all resources necessary for reflection on student learning and teacher instruction. Such reflection will assist in the design of a personalized learner plan that includes the student's longitudinal and immediate feedback data from prior courses, learning preferences and intervention successes. Teachers will prescribe standards-based content and assessments that will be delivered to the student. The student will be able to assess his or her own learning, and the Assessment Engine will report on, and evidentially select options to support, the student's mastery of standards. Then the cycle continues: reflect, design, teach and assess.

Though the project will eventually impact all students in the district, the primary target audience will be subgroup populations and students who are considered high needs (i.e., those who exhibit four or more specified "at risk" indicators). The measurable outcomes at the conclusion of this 5-year grant period are as follows:

  • A decrease in the number of students grades 6-12 who have 4+ indicators of high need (by 10 percent in all subgroups and in total)
  • Increases in student achievement and student growth (by decreasing the number of dropouts by 5 percent in all subgroups and in total)
  • An increase in the on-time graduation rate of all students, with a focus on high needs and subgroup populations (by 5 percent)

To enhance replication, the data system will use Common Core Standards and the McREL Standards Compendium as the basis for alignment. While Forsyth County Schools will serve as the lead district on this project, along with its student information system provider, Infinite Campus, the intent is to build a model to leverage across the nation in other districts.

Description of Evaluation:

The evaluation of Engage ME — P.L.E.A.S.E. focuses on the hypothesis that providing a personalized learning experience will result in a reduction in the number of high-needs students, a decrease in dropout rates, and an increase in graduation rates. Following a 1-year, user-centered development effort, the system will first be pilot tested in a representative middle and high school in Year 2. Half of the remaining middle and high schools will start in Year 3, and the remaining schools in Year 4. A growth curve model within the context of a design-based research model will be used for analysis.

Project Evaluator:

Mike Spector


University of Georgia

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Last Modified: 03/22/2011