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Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program

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Peer Reviewer Resume Due by April 1, 2014

Urgent: CCR-SAM Availability Issue Resolution

On Tuesday July 24, at 11:59 pm, Central Contractor Registration (CCR) stopped accepting data, including requests for new registrations. The System for Awards Management (SAM) began accepting data on July 30, 2012. This shutdown of CCR and start-up of SAM will have no bearing on the capacity of any entity that was properly registered in CCR on Tuesday July 24, 2012 from electronically filing its grant application under the Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) program by 4:30:00 pm on Friday August 10. However, an applicant that was not properly registered in CCR as of Tuesday July 24 or had difficulties accessing and registering in SAM last week may not be able to file electronically by the competition due date. In light of these circumstances, we are waiving the requirement for electronic submission in this competition for those applicants, and only those applicants, that are not registered in CCR on the date on which their applications are due. This waiver will be applied in the following manner:

  1. All applicants must meet the submission deadline as described in the Notice Inviting Applications (NIA). No late applications will be accepted unless the conditions specified in the NIA apply. (4:30:00 PM EDT is the deadline; 4:30:01 PM EDT is considered late.)
  2. Applicants currently registered in CCR must file electronically, unless they have received a waiver of the electronic filing requirement for other reasons.

  3. Applicants that contact the department saying that they are/were unable to file electronically because of the CCR shutdown an opportunity to file by hand-delivery, mail or email.

    • For applicants who wish to email the application: The application must be in PDF format and include all files necessary for a complete application as described in the IAL FY 2012 Application (July 11, 2012). The application must be complete by the original submission deadline. Files should be named as follows: CDFA#_applicantname_file#of#.pdf. The application must be sent to and copied to one of the following IAL program officers:
    • For applicants who wish to send the application by mail, FED EX or USPS, they should follow the submission instructions as described in the program's NIA.
    • Applicants, if they have not already, should contact the Support Desk to record their issue and keep record of the case number assigned at the time of the call. This case number should be provided to the program office staff and submitted with the application. Program office staff will confirm through the Office of the Chief Information Officer the details regarding the CCR/SAM registration issue.

The Department will confirm that an applicant seeking to take advantage of this waiver is not registered in CCR. Any applicant who notified the Department of its need for a waiver, but is in fact registered in CCR, will, unless they have received a waiver for an electronic waiver requested for another reason, have to file electronically through


Application available: July 11, 2012
Deadline to submit application: August 10, 2012
Deadline to request a waiver for electronic submission: July 27, 2012

Current Application
  • IAL FY 2012 Application (July 11, 2012) download files PDF (1050K)

  • IAL FY 2012 Correction (July 24, 2012) download files PDF (190.9K)
  • Notice Inviting Applicants: the Notice Inviting Applicants (NIA) for the 2012 Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) Discretionary Grant Competition has now been published in the Federal Register, and can be downloaded at:

    Instructions Package: Information about the 2012 IAL competition, including requirements, the NIA, and details concerning how to apply is included in the instructions package, which is available in the IAL FY 2012 Application.

    Electronic Submission: Applications for grants under the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program, CFDA number 84.215G, must be submitted electronically using the Government-wide Apply site at Through this site, you will be able to download a copy of the application package, complete it offline, and then upload and submit your application. You may not e-mail an electronic copy of a grant application to us. Find urgent information concerning how to apply electronically below.

    Exception to Electronic Submission: You qualify for an exception to the electronic submission requirement, and may submit your application in paper format, if you are unable to submit an application through the system because you do not have access to the Internet; or you do not have the capacity to upload large documents to the system; and no later than two weeks before the application deadline date, you mail or fax a written statement to the Department, explaining which of the two grounds for an exception prevent you from using the Internet to submit your application. For more information on paper submissions, including where to find forms in the request for a waiver is approved, see the Exception to Electronic Submission Requirement section of the NIA. Deadline for Submission of Request for Waiver of Electronic Submission: July 27, 2012


This competition includes one absolute priority and four competitive preference priorities.

  • Absolute Priority – High-quality plan for innovative approaches to literacy that include book distribution, childhood literacy activities, or both, that is supported by at least one study that meets the definition of scientifically valid research as defined in the NIA.
  • Competitive Preference Priority 1 – Turning Around Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools (5 points).
  • Competitive Preference Priority 2 – Technology (5 points).
  • Competitive Preference Priority 3- Improving Early Learning Outcomes (5 points)
  • Competitive Preference Priority 4 – Serving Rural LEAs (5 points)

We will award an additional 5 points to an application that meets either Priority 1 or 4. We award up to an additional 5 points to an applicant that meets Priority 2 and up to an additional 5 points to an applicant that meets Priority 3. A total of up to 15 additional points may be awarded. For more information on priorities, including information applicants must include in the application to meet them, see the Applicant Guide section of the Instructions Package.

In accordance with the Conference and Senate Reports accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012, and subject to the submission of sufficient applications that meet the requirements of the notice, the Department will award no less than 50 percent of FY 2012 funds to applications from LEAs (on behalf of school libraries) for high-quality school library projects that increase access to a wide range of print and electronic resources and provide learning opportunities to all students.

Applicant Technical Assistance

A series of technical assistance webinars for applicants interested in this opportunity is currently scheduled to occur during the following dates and times:

IAL Webinar 1: Technical Assistance Presentation; July 18, 2012
IAL Webinar 2: Wednesday, July 25, 2012; 3:00 PM EDT
IAL Webinar 3: Friday, August 3, 2012; 4:00 PM EDT

All interested applicants will need to register for each opportunity. To receive registration information, please send an email to with IAL Webinar in the subject line of the message. Please indicate which session you would like to attend. Space will be limited to the first 100 registrants, so application teams should plan to call in groups. All webinars will be taped and available on the IAL website. Please contact the individuals listed under the “Contacts ” page of this website for additional information.

Applicant Eligibility Form

Applicants submitting electronically must attach the completed Applicant Eligibility Form and corresponding documentation by uploading them as attachments to the application when uploading the application to

Applicant Transmittal Instructions

Important! Please read thoroughly.

To facilitate your use of, this document includes important submission procedures you need to be aware of to ensure your application is received in a timely manner and accepted by the Department of Education.

Adobe Forms and PDF Files are Required
Applications submitted to for the Department of Education will be posted using Adobe forms. Therefore, applicants will need to download the latest version of Adobe reader (at least Adobe Reader 8.1.2). Information on computer and operating system compatibility with Adobe and links to download the latest version is available on We strongly recommend that you review these details on before completing and submitting your application. In addition, applicants should submit their application a day or two in advance of the closing date as detailed below. Also, applicants are required to upload their attachments in .pdf format only. (See details below under “Attaching Files – Additional Tips.”) If you have any questions regarding this matter please email the Contact Center at or call 1-800-518-4726.

  1. REGISTER registration may take five or more business days to complete. You may begin working on your application while completing the registration process, but you cannot submit an application until all of the Registration steps are complete. For detailed information on the Registration Steps, please go to: [Note: Your organization will need to update its Central Contractor Registry (CCR) registration annually.]
  2. SUBMIT EARLY We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last day to submit your application. will put a date/time stamp on your application and then process it after it is fully uploaded. The time it takes to upload an application will vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the application and the speed of your Internet connection, and the time it takes to process the application will vary as well. If rejects your application (see step three below), you will need to resubmit successfully to before 4:30:00 p.m. Washington, DC time on the deadline date.

    Note: To submit successfully, you must provide the DUNS number on your application that was used when you registered as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) on This DUNS number is typically the same number used when your organization registered with the CCR (Central Contractor Registry). If you do not enter the same DUNS number on your application as the DUNS you registered with, will reject your application.

  3. VERIFY SUBMISSION IS OK – You will want to verify that received your application submission on time and that it was validated successfully. To see the date/time your application was received, login to and click on the Track My Application link. For a successful submission, the date/time received should be earlier than 4:30:00 p.m. Washington, DC time, on the deadline date, AND the application status should be: Validated, Received by Agency, or Agency Tracking Number Assigned. Once the Department of Education receives your application from, an Agency Tracking Number (PR/award number) will be assigned to your application and will be available for viewing on’s Track My Application link.

If the date/time received is later than 4:30:00 p.m. Washington, D.C. time, on the deadline date, your application is late. If your application has a status of “Received” it is still awaiting validation by Once validation is complete, the status will either change to “Validated” or “Rejected with Errors.” If the status is “Rejected with Errors,” your application has not been received successfully. Some of the reasons may reject an application can be found on the site: For more detailed information on troubleshooting Adobe errors, you can review the Adobe Reader Error Messages document at If you discover your application is late or has been rejected, please see the instructions below. Note: You will receive a series of confirmations both online and via e-mail about the status of your application. Please do not rely solely on e-mail to confirm whether your application has been received timely and validated successfully.

Submission Problems – What should you do?

If you have problems submitting to before the closing date, please contact Customer Support at 1-800-518-4726 or, or access the Self-Service web portal at:
If electronic submission is optional and you have problems that you are unable to resolve before the deadline date and time for electronic applications, please follow the transmittal instructions for hard copy applications in the Federal Register notice and get a hard copy application postmarked by midnight on the deadline date.

If electronic submission is required, you must submit an electronic application before 4:30:00 p.m., unless you follow the procedures in the Federal Register notice and qualify for one of the exceptions to the electronic submission requirement and submit, no later than two weeks before the application deadline date, a written statement to the Department that you qualify for one of these exceptions. (See the Federal Register notice for detailed instructions.)

Helpful Hints When Working with

Please note, once you download an application from, you will be working offline and saving data on your computer. Please be sure to note where you are saving the file on your computer. You will need to logon to to upload and submit the application. You must provide the DUNS number on your application that was used when you registered as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) on
Please go to for help with For additional tips related to submitting grant applications, please refer to the Submit Application FAQs found on the

Dial-Up Internet Connections

When using a dial up connection to upload and submit your application, it can take significantly longer than when you are connected to the Internet with a high-speed connection, e.g. cable modem/DSL/T1. While times will vary depending upon the size of your application, it can take a few minutes to a few hours to complete your grant submission using a dial up connection. If you do not have access to a high-speed connection and electronic submission is required, you may want to consider following the instructions in the Federal Register notice to obtain an exception to the electronic submission requirement no later than two weeks before the application deadline date. (See the Federal Register notice for detailed instructions.)

MAC Users

For MAC compatibility information, review the Operating System Platform Compatibility Table at the following link: If electronic submission is required and you are concerned about your ability to submit electronically as a non-windows user, please follow instructions in the Federal Register notice to obtain an exception to the electronic submission requirement no later than two weeks before the application deadline date. (See the Federal Register notice for detailed instructions.)

Attaching Files – Additional Tips

Please note the following tips related to attaching files to your application, especially the requirement that applicants only include read-only, non-modifiable .PDF files in the application:

  • Ensure that you attach .PDF files only for any attachments to your application, and they must be in a read-only, non-modifiable format. PDF files are the only Education approved file type accepted as detailed in the Federal Register application notice. Applicants must submit individual .PDF files only when attaching files to their application. Specifically, the Department will not accept any attachments that contain files within a file, such as PDF Portfolio files, or an interactive or fillable .PDF file. Any attachments uploaded that are not .PDF files or are password protected files will not be read. If you need assistance converting your files to a .pdf format, please refer to the following webpage with links to conversion programs under the heading of additional resources:
  • cannot process an application that includes two or more files that have the same name within a grant submission. Therefore, each file uploaded to your application package should have a unique file name.
  • When attaching files, applicants should follow the guidelines established by on the size and content of file names. Uploaded files must be less than 50 characters, contain no spaces, no special characters (example: -, &, *, %, /, #, \) including periods (.), blank spaces and accent marks. Applications submitted that do not comply with the guidelines will be rejected at and not forwarded to the Department.
  • Applicants should limit the size of their file attachments. Documents submitted that contain graphics and/or scanned material often greatly increase the size of the file attachments and can result in difficulties opening the files. For reference, the average discretionary grant application package totals 1 to 2 MB.

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Last Modified: 03/10/2014