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Summer 2012 Seminars for Presidents and Senior Chief Academic Officers

Country: India
Seminar Title: Higher Education Administrators Seminar in India
Tentative Dates: To Be Determined
Participants: Presidents and senior chief academic officers (vice presidents and provosts) of two- and four-year colleges and universities

Program Content:

The bilateral relationship between the United States and India is currently at its best. Strengthening collaborations in the area of higher education is one of the key priorities of both governments. The United States and India are proposed to host a higher education summit in Washington this October to highlight and emphasize the many avenues through which the higher education communities in the United States and India collaborate. These mutual interests offer unprecedented opportunities for U.S. institutions to explore opportunities for collaboration in areas including program and curriculum development, faculty and administrator exchanges and study abroad opportunities.

The seminar will introduce presidents, vice presidents, and provosts at U.S. institutions to their counterparts in Indian higher education. U.S. administrators will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the Indian higher education scenario. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of a cross-section of Indian institutions of higher education and meet with high ranking university administrators and public sector officials who play a key role in the planning and administration of higher education in India. Participants will also have an opportunity to familiarize Indian educational administrators on U.S. higher education, specifically on systems of community colleges and minority-serving institutions and explore the possibilities of collaborations with Indian institutions.

Seminar locations will include universities and colleges in New Delhi and two other major cities (to be determined), and visits to research institutes and non-governmental organizations that lend themselves as sites for higher education collaborations and exchanges between the United States and India.

Note: We invite applications from postsecondary educators/administrators who work in community colleges or minority-serving institutes including those that are eligible to receive assistance under part A or B of Title III or under Title V of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended).


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