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Summer 2015 Seminar for Elementary and Secondary School Educators


Seminar Title: History, Culture and Economic Development in China
Duration: Four Weeks; exact dates to be determined (typically beginning in late June)
Participants: U.S. K-12 educators, administrators, and media resource specialists who have responsibility for curriculum and instruction in the social sciences, humanities, foreign languages, and area studies

Program Content:

China’s increasing global influence presents a need for U.S. educators to fully understand its transformation into a worldwide economic powerhouse and related challenges. This Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program will provide a unique in-country study experience for U.S. educators and administrators to examine China’s history, culture, society, and economy.

China is one of the most rapidly changing countries in the world today and an exciting place to visit and study. Lectures during this four-week seminar will enable participants to better understand both the country’s fascinating past and its current challenges – social, economic, and political. Participants will visit places of historic importance as well as to those illustrative of contemporary society. Efforts will be made for program schedule to include visits to schools before the summer holiday.

Prior to international departure, participants will gather in the San Francisco area for a two- and-a-half-day pre-departure orientation (PDO) program. Program participants will get to know each other and attend introductory briefings on topics such as Chinese culture, society and language, as well as the educational, political, and economic systems.

Once in China, the itinerary will include meetings, site visits, and discussions in four cities chosen to show different aspects of China. Beijing, the capital of China, is home to many top universities, government offices, and sites of historic and cultural interest Participants will explore the capital city and visit educational and economic institutions where they will hear lectures on Chinese history, politics, economics, and education. Site visits to government agencies, media outlets, and historic and cultural sites are designed to complement these lectures and provide an immersive learning experience in this fascinating country.

Xi’an, the “cradle of Chinese civilization,” is located in central China and was the capital for eleven Chinese dynasties. Participants will hear lectures on politics, government, ethnic minorities, as well as on the social and economic aspects of the “Develop the West” policy. Participants will also visit educational, historic and archeological sites related to the lectures.

Shanghai is widely recognized as one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Several days will be spent there examining topics such as the history of colonial involvement in China, the rise of China’s Communist Party, and current urban issues, including the city’s unique economic contribution to the country.

The fourth city will be selected from among the following: Kunming, Chengdu, Guilin, or Guiyang. At the end of the Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program, delegation members will have the option of visiting Hong Kong, partially at their own expense. Program participants who do so will spend three to four days attending meetings to discuss aspects of Hong Kong society based on their selected interests.

The National Committee on United States - China Relations and the China Education Association for International Exchange will administer the Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program on behalf of the United States Department of Education.


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