Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships Program

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FY 2010-2013

Grantees and Funding Levels by World Area: download files MS Excel (83K) | PDF (163K)

FY 2006-2009

Grantees and FY 2006 Funding Levels: download files MS Excel (64K) | PDF (32K)

FY 2003-2005

Abstracts: The following abstracts reflect a variety of area and international studies projects, language training, and outreach activities to be conducted by NRC and/or FLAS grantee institutions during the FY 2003-2005 project period. These abstracts were included in the grant applications submitted in November 2002 and subsequently recommended for FLAS grant awards announced in March 2003 and NRC grant awards announced in May 2003.

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Last Modified: 01/07/2013