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Information and Application Materials
Fiscal Year 2001
Deadline for Submission: March 15, 2001

Form No.: ED 40-736
OMB NO.: 1840-0736
Form Expires 5/31/2002

Title Page

This Application should be sent to:
No. 84.339
U.S. Department of Education
Application Control Center
Room 3633
Washington, D.C. 20202-4725
1. Application Number:

2. D-U-N-S Number:
3. Tax Identification Number:

4. Project Director (Name and Complete Mailing Address):
Telephone: __________________________
Fax: _______________________________
Email: ______________________________
5. List of Partners:

6. Federal Funds Requested:

1st Year only:   _______________
2nd Year (if applicable): _______________
3rd Year (if applicable): _______________
4th Year (if applicable): _______________
5th Year (if applicable): _______________

Total Amount: __________________

7. Total Cost Share Provided: ____________

8. Duration of Project: __________________

Starting Date: _____________________

Ending Date: _____________________

Total No. of Months: ___________________

9. Proposal Title:

10. Brief Abstract of Proposal (DO NOT LEAVE THIS BLANK):


11. Legal Applicant (Name & Complete Mailing Address): 12. (Final Proposals only) Are there any research activities involving human subjects planned at any time during the proposed project period?
_______Yes   _______No

If yes, then please follow the instructions on following page.


13. Certification by Authorizing Official:

The applicant certifies to the best of his/her knowledge and belief that the data in this application are true and correct, that the filing of the application has been duly authorized by the governing body of the applicant, and that the applicant will comply with the attached assurances if assistance is approved.

Print Name Title Phone

Signature Date

Guide to Proposal Development
Table of Contents
Instructions for Completing Title Page

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