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University of Iowa



Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi



Indiana University School of Nursing



University of Maryland College Park



Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University



Northern Illinois University



Lead: University of Iowa
Partners: University of Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (TX); the Iowa Caregivers Association (IA); Kirkwood Community College (IA); Iowa Lakes Community College (IA); the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (IA); the Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IA); the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society (SD)

Title: "An Innovative Web-Based Educational Program for Health Care Workers in Long-Term Care Facilities"

Addressing the critical shortage of qualified nursing aides in the U.S. long-term care delivery system, the project develops and implements a web-based certification and continuing education program. The design-which includes high use of visuals; a sixth-grade reading level; and hyperlinked, supplementary Spanish materials-targets the special language and learning needs of the intended population. Although the partners plan initial delivery in two states, the involvement of a large, nation-wide, long-term care corporation and a national professional association make a wider impact likely.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $935,313

Contact: Paul Mulhausen, M.D., M.H.S., University of Iowa, SE 622 GH; 200 Hawkins drive; Iowa City, Iowa 52242; (319) 353-7053; Paul-Mulhausen@uiowa.edu

Lead: Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TX)
Partners: Delmar College (TX); The Victoria College (TX); Texas Board of Nurse Examiners (TX); Colleagues in Caring - Regional Collaboratives for Nursing Workforce Development (DC); Coastal Bend Health Education Center; Nursing Workforce "Beyond 2000" Project; South Texas Public Broadcasting System, Inc; Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (TX); Pecan Valley AHEC (TX)

Title: "Electronic Learning in Nursing Education - eLine"

This project responds not only to the shortage of registered nurses in the health care system, but also to the misalignment of nursing training across educational levels and providers. This collaborative effort aims to provide students seamless, articulated, competency-based modules that ensure compliance with essential professional standards and give students a choice of degree type and provider. It will develop and maintain a standardized object repository and will expand to take advantage of a Nurse Licensure Compact that more than fourteen states have adopted.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $1,471,198

Contact: Claudia Johnston Ph.D., R.N., Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78412; (361) 825-2712, johnston@falcon.tamucc.edu

Lead: Indiana University School of Nursing (IN)
Partners: American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (CA); Clarian Health Partners (IN)

Title: "An Online Community of Professional Practice: Web-based Courses to Prepare Nurses for Employment in Critical Care"

This collaboration of the largest nursing school in the U.S.A., the second largest health care network, and a professional nursing organization will provide online education to prepare nurses for employment in three areas: adult, pediatric and neonatal critical care. The partnership will develop didactic courses, a Virtual Center for Best Practices, and a network of locally supervised clinical practice throughout the country. The Virtual Center---the "Online Community" of the title---will be an Internet portal and library of skill demonstrations, printed resources, interactions among learners, and consultations with experts. Preceptors at the clinical sites will receive online training in mentoring and in guiding clinical practice.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $915,314

Contact: Diane M. Billings, Ed.D., RN, FAAN, Indiana University School of Nursing, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), Indianapolis, IN; (317) 274-4489; dbillin@iupui.edu

Lead: University of Maryland College Park (MD)
Partners: George Mason University (VA); Kansas State University (KS); Michigan Technological University (MI); Morgan State University (MD); NY Polytechnic University (NY); NC A&T University (NC); Texas Southern University (TX); University of Vermont (VT); University of Virginia (VA); Virginia Tech (VA); Andrea V. Dagassan (VA); ELEMX Group, LLC (DC); Interactive Instruction, Inc. (MD); Solutions in Motion (MD)

Title: "Consortium for ITS Training and Education"

Over the past 20 years, implementation of a vast array of Intelligent Transportation System technologies has created a strong demand for highly skilled professionals that is not matched by the low numbers of trained ITS professionals that are entering the workforce. Eleven institutions of The Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE), a worldwide organization of over 60 universities committed to ITS education and training, have proposed to increase the pool of trained ITS professionals by developing, pilot testing, and scaling up online ITS certificate and degree programs. A strong and detailed project plan includes translating the Fundamentals course into Spanish and increasing the number of college students exposed to ITS, especially underserved students. The software design for instructional modules uses simulation techniques to provide realistic training exercises and an architecture that allows independent contributions from various subject experts. Each year of the program at least ten additional institutions will be added to the project and will offer the modules through their engineering programs.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $701,584

Contact: Kathleen Frankle, University of Maryland, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, College Park, MD 20742-6601; (410) 414-2925; kfrankle@chesapeake.net

Lead: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA)
Partners: University of California, Davis (CA); University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI); American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (CA); Veterinary Information Network (CA); University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada - not receiving federal funds)

Misinterpreted laboratory data create devastating consequences in human and veterinary medicine. This partnership will develop a clinical pathology online learning system (CPOLLS) to improve the teaching and learning of diagnostic skills in clinical pathology. CPOLLS will consist of: richly illustrated, highly interactive tutorials about diagnostic reasoning processes essential to successful interpretation of clinical laboratory data; a tool called the Problem List Generator (PLG) that guides learners through analyses of authentic cases; and a module within the PLG, called the Problem List Analyzer, that compares learners' and experts' analyses and provides case-specific feedback. The inclusion of ASVCP in the partnership will ensure that CPOLLS will be publicized and available to all veterinary colleges. The Veterinary Information Network, the largest provider of online veterinary continuing education, will scale CPOLLS worldwide to veterinary practitioners.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $1,242,826

Contact: Holly Bender, VPI, College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA 24060; (540) 231-4808; hbender@vt.edu

Lead: Northern Illinois University (IL)
Partners: YMCA Training Alliance of Chicago (IL); Training, Inc. (IL)

Title: "Critical Choices: Distance Learning for At-Risk Workforce"

This project presents a new approach in the delivery of welfare-to-work workforce transition programs. "Critical Choices" will create 15 Web-based, workplace readiness modules on soft skills, critical thinking, computer literacy, and math/reading/writing skills, where none currently exist specifically for individuals moving from welfare to work. The partnership brings together Northern Illinois University's expertise in adult learning, career counseling, and instructional design with the combined experiences of two partners who understand the intense support service needs of at-risk learners. The "blending" learning model includes pre- and post- face-to-face skills assessment, counseling, and online support strategies (help desk, facilitators, case managers); and a virtual portal that will both create an online community for post-job placement support and provide access to community resources that pose potential life management barriers, such as mental health providers, child care, transportation, and financial assistance. Initial implementation will take place at a housing authority and one-stop workforce development center; and then rolled-out at Training, Inc. partner sites in IL, MN, NJ, and NM. If successful, Critical Choices will be scaled-up at One-Stop agencies in IL.

Total FY 2001 Funding: 3 years, $1,562,465

Contact: Drs. Janet Lessner and Francesca Giordano, Northern Illinois University, Division of Continuing Education, DeKalb, IL, (815) 753-6790 (Lessner), (815) 753-9308 (Giordano), jlessner@niu.edu, fgiordano@niu.edu

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