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Fund for the Improvement of Education-Programs of National Significance

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2002 Directed Grants

Source: H.R. 3061, Conference Report. January 10, 2002, "Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2002.

The amounts shown are those approved by the Congress during the appropriation process.

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24 Challenge and Jumping Levels (program in Philadelphia County) 50,000

Alabama School of Mathematics and Science Foundation 300,000
Alaska Department of Education (for "Qualified Teachers" program) 2,000,000
Alaska Department of Education (for summer tutoring) 800,000
Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (for Alyeska Central School) 500,000
Alaska Geographical Alliance 250,000
Alaska Mentoring Demonstration Project, Big Brothers/Big Sisters agencies 500,000
Albertville City Board of Education 30,000
Albuquerque Public Schools 200,000
Alliance for the Arts 600,000
Alliance Neighborhood Center 250,000
Amer-I-Can 1,000,000
American Airlines Travel Academy 600,000
American Film Institute 650,000
American Theater Arts for Youth, Inc. 150,000
American Theater Arts for Youth, Inc. 25,000
American Theatre Arts for Youth, San Diego 100,000
American Theatre Arts for Youth, Spokane 50,000
AMISTAD America, Inc. 810,000
Anchorage Community Theater School 50,000
Appalachian Center for Economic Networks 1,200,000
Arab City Board of Education 30,000
Art Share Los Angeles 150,000
Arts and Educaton in Concert 250,000
Attalla City Board of Education 30,000
Auburn City Board of Education 38,000
Audubon Institute 100,000
Augusta Public School District 250,000

Babyland Family Services 200,000
Baltimore City Public School System 1,500,000
Bay County School District 26,000
Beaver Local School District 40,000
Belmont-Harrison Vocational School District 40,000
Bibb County Board of Education 38,000
Big Brothers/Big Sisters 250,000
Bloom Township High School District 206 450,000
Blue Springs Youth Outreach Unit 273,000
Boys and Girls Club of El Dorado 14,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, DC 825,000
Boys and Girls Clubs, Philadelphia 75,000
Bridgeport Exempted Village School District 40,000
Brooke High School 40,000
Brooklawn Youth Services 50,000
Brown University/Northeast & Islands Regional Educational Laboratory 100,000
Buckeye Local School District 40,000
Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts 440,000

Calhoun County Board of Education 38,000
Camp Fire Boys and Girls, TX 700,000
Canaan Community Development Corporation 60,000
CAPE/PETE Net 550,000
Centennial School District 293,000
Centennial School District 500,000
Center for Community Transformation 200,000
Central Florida Community College 800,000
Challenger Learning Center 350,000
Chambers Board of Education 38,000
Champions of Caring 50,000
CHAR High School to work vocational training program 100,000
Charter School Development Corporation 1,500,000
Cheyney University 100,000
Chicago Children's Choir 225,000
Chicago Public Schools 100,000
Chicago State University 200,000
Children's Land Alliance Supporting Schools (CLASS) 200,000
Children's Literacy Initiative 100,000
Chilton County Board of Education 38,000
Chippewa Falls Unified School District 950,000
Choteau Elementary School 500,000
Cincinnati Arts School, Inc. 1,000,000
City of Boston 200,000
City of Salt Lake 1,200,000
Clark County School District (dropout) 440,000
Clark County School District (school-to-work) 160,000
Classika Theatre 500,000
Clay County Board of Education 38,000
Cleburne County Board of Education 38,000
Coffeyville Public School District 250,000
College of Physicians of Philadelphia 50,000
Columbia College, Chicago 200,000
Columbiana County Career Center 40,000
Communities in Schools of East Texas, Inc. 240,000
Communities in Schools of Northeast Texas, Inc 240,000
Communities in Schools of the Lehigh Valley 50,000
Concord College Technology Center 1,000,000
Cooperative Educational Services Agency #9 1,200,000
Coosa County Board of Education 38,000
Council Bluffs Community Schools 500,000
Cullman City Board of Education 30,000

D.C. Everest School District 200,000
Dardanelle School District 50,000
Daycare Literacy Project 20,000
Depaul School 45,000
Detroit Science Center 500,000
Discovery Place 440,000
Do Something Inc. 125,000
Do Something, Inc NYC 200,000
Dowling High School 300,000
Drug Free Pennsylvania 50,000

Early Reading Success Institute 800,000
East Liverpool School District 40,000
East Los Angeles Classic Theatre 50,000
East Los Angles College 230,000
East Providence School District 400,000
Eastern College 100,000
Edison Local School District 40,000
Education Service District 112, Vancouver 167,000
Education Service District 171 in Wenatchee WA 250,000
Educational Advancement Alliance 500,000
Eisenhower Foundation 100,000
Eisenhower Foundation 500,000
El Dorado Public School District 250,000
Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary 500,000
Ernie Pyle Middle School 50,000
Eufaula Independent School District No. 1 250,000
Everybody Wins! 1,000,000

Fairfax County Public School (educator to educator training) 260,000
Fairfax County Public Schools (Bridging the Digital Divide) 150,000
Fairfax County Public Schools (Instiittue for Student Achievement) 270,000
Fairfax County Public Schools (pre-delinquent) 40,000
Faith Academy Child Development Center 100,000
Father Maloney's Boys' Haven 20,000
Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and University 200,000
Ferris State University 500,000
First Gethsemane Center for Family Development 60,000
Five Towns Community Center 500,000
Florida 4-H Foundation, Inc. 100,000
Florida Institute of Education 500,000
Fort Lewis College Child Development Center 1,500,000
Fort Payne City Board of Education 30,000
Foundation for the Improvement of Mathematics and Education, San Diego 150,000
Freedom Theatre 25,000
Fresno Unified School District 425,000
Friends of the Children (Chester, PA) 50,000
Friends of the Children (Portland OR) 100,000
Futures for Children, Albuquerque 1,000,000

Gadsdene City Board of Education 30,000
Galena School District (alternative education) 750,000
Galena School District (rural transition) 250,000
Garfield Middle School 50,000
General George S. Patton School District 133 150,000
Georgia Project, Inc. 650,000
Girard Community College 700,000
Glendale (CA) Unified School District 40,000
GlennOaks Therapeutic Day School 200,000
GRAMMY Foundation 1,200,000
Grand Valley State University 200,000
Great Projects Film Company 50,000
Greater Minneapolis Day Care Council 350,000
Green Bay Area School District 750,000
Gult Coast Exploreum Science Center 400,000
Guntersville City Board of Education 30,000

Hackensack Public School District 75,000
Hamcock County Schools 40,000
Hampshire Educational Collaborative 400,000
Hands Across Cultures Corporation 500,000
Harrison Middle School 50,000
Hawthorne Elementary Junior High School 420,000
Hayleyville City Board of Education 30,000
Hazel Crest School District 152.5 100,000
Healthy Foundation 500,000
Hellen Keller Worldwide 1,000,000
Henry, Highlays, Glades, and Okeechobee School Districts 500,000
Holy Redeemer Health System 250,000

Jacksonville City Board of Education 38,000
James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership 250,000
Jasper City Board of Education 30,000
Jefferson County Joint Vocational School 40,000
Jewish Family and Community Service, Chicago 100,000
Jobs for Youth of Boston 500,000
Junior Achievement of Delaware Valley, Inc. 150,000

Jacksonville City Board of Education 38,000
James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership 250,000
Jasper City Board of Education 30,000
Jefferson County Joint Vocational School 40,000
Jewish Family and Community Service, Chicago 100,000
Jobs for Youth of Boston 500,000
Junior Achievement of Delaware Valley, Inc. 150,000

Kennedy Krieger Institute 440,000
Kenosha Unified School District 300,000
Kent State University 500,000
Kentucky Opera 50,000
Kenyon College 1,000,000
Kids Voting South Dakota 100,000
Kids Voting USA 380,000

La Cross Medical Health Science Consortium 375,000
Lake Metroparks 1,000,000
Lawrence County School District 400,000
Lawrence Public Schools 100,000
Learning Collaborative, Inc. 870,000
Lee County Board of Education 38,000
Lee's Summit Education Foundation 500,000
Lewiston Auburn College/University of Southern Maine 50,000
Lincoln Center 250,000
Livingston Technical Academy 150,000
Local Initiative Support Corporation Child Care Education 400,000
Long Island Works Coalition 100,000
Los Angeles County Office of Education 440,000
Louisiana Arts and Sciences Center 300,000
Louisiana Department of Education (early childhood) 300,000
Louisiana Department of Education (Voyager Literacy) 700,000
Louisiana District Attorney's Office 100,000
Louisiana Tech University (Project Catalyst) 400,000
Louisiana Tech University (Project LIFE) 400,000
Loundenville Golden Center 130,000
Lyons Township High School District 204 440,000

Macomb County Intermediate School District, MI 600,000
Macon County Board of Education 38,000
Madison County School District 500,000
Maine SAD #58 Kingfield 200,000
Maine SAD #64 East Corinth 100,000
Malverne Afterschool Center 100,000
Marshfield School District 75,000
Martins Ferry School District 40,000
Maryhurst, Inc. 50,000
Math, Science and Technology Education Partnership, Albuquerque public schools 1,250,000
Mehlville School District 75,000
Mellen School District 340,000
Meredith-Dunn School 60,000
Microsociety 200,000
Mid-American Regional Council 250,000
Midland School District 40,000
Military Heritage Foundation 150,000
Milliken University 200,000
Milwaukee Public Schools (Bradley School) 200,000
Milwaukee Public Schools (after school) 400,000
Milwaukee Public Schools (teaching) 350,000
Mississippi Delta Education Initiative 900,000
Miton Eisenhower Foundation 450,000
Murray State University 800,000
Museum of Modern Art 220,000
Music Education and Technology Advancement (MENC) 50,000
Mystic Seaport Museum 350,000

National Center for Youth Issues 1,000,000
New Mexico Department of Education 200,000
New York City Public Schools 500,000
New York Hall of Science 300,000
New Zion Community Development Foundation 30,000
Newport Public Schools, RI 750,000
Newton Public School District 250,000
Nicholls State University 500,000
North Carolina Aquarium Society 440,000
North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association Education Foundation 250,000
North Carolina Museum of Life and Science 150,000
North Carolina State University 600,000
North Syracuse Central School 200,000
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture 450,000
Northwood School District 62,000
Nortth Carolina Museum of Art 100,000
Nosotros 100,000

Oakland Unified School District 440,000
Ohio Arts Council 1,200,000
Ohio Center of Science and Industry 5,000,000
Ohio Department of Education 2,500,000
Oklahoma Department of Education 1,000,000
Olympic Park Institute 250,000
Oneonta City Board of Education 30,000
Online Louisiana, Inc., New Orleans, LA 1,000,000
Onondaga Community College 500,000
Opelika City Board of Education 38,000
Operation Get Ahead 200,000
Our Hope for Youth 500,000
Oxford City Board of Education 38,000

Pacific Islands Center for Educational Development 400,000
Pacific Science Center 250,000
Paleontological Research Institute 100,000
PARENTS, Inc. (full-working parent) 500,000
PARENTS, Inc. (technology training) 1,000,000
Pendleton School District 125,000
Pennsylvania Ballet 75,000
Pennsylvania Department of Education (low performing schools) 20,000,000
Phenix City Board of Education 38,000
Philadelphia Opera Sounds of Learning 100,000
Philadelphia Orchestra 175,000
Piedmont City Board of Education 38,000
Pima Community College 185,000
Pinellas County (FL) School District 3,587,000
Pittsburgh Technology Council 50,000
Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium 200,000
Plymouth Community Renewal Center 40,000
Pomona Unified School District 1,000,000
Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District 260,000
Potter Park Zoological Society 100,000
Prime Time Family Reading Time 100,000
Prince William County, VA (bilingual literacy) 140,000
Prince William County, VA (mathematics) 90,000
Prince William County, VA (middle school) 100,000
Project 2000 125,000
Project GRAD USA, Inc., Houston 18,000,000
Project Intercept 100,000
Project STARS 900,000

Ramapo College, NJ 800,000
Randolph County Board of Education 38,000
Reach Out and Read 2,000,000
Reading Alabama, Inc. 150,000
ReadNet Foundation 600,000
Red Bluff Joint Union High School District 180,000
Resource Area for Teachers 340,000
Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 200,000
Rio Linda Union School District 350,000
Riverside Community College District 500,000
Robbie Valentine Stars Club Education Program 50,000
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 200,000
Rockford Public School District #205 1,200,000
Roger Williams University: The Professional Partnership Laboratory School 850,000
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute 200,000
Russell County Board of Education 38,000
Russellville City Board of Education 30,000
Rutgers University Law School 540,000
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (RUNet 2000) 2,000,000

San Diego Natural History Museum 150,000
San Diego Unified School District 1,000,000
San Lius Obispo County Office of Education 75,000
Santa Barbara High School District 50,000
School District of Bruce, WI 400,000
School District of Palm Beach County 600,000
School District of Rhinelander, WI 1,000,000
Schoolcraft College 1,000,000
Schurz Elementary School 249,000
Science and Math Teacher Academy University of North Texas Science and Math Teacher Academy and Paul Quinn College 200,000
Science Applications International Corporation 200,000
ScienceSouth, Inc. 500,000
SEPCHE 750,000
Shake-A-Leg Miami 150,000
Shawnee Gardens Tenants Association 35,000
Shiloh Baptist Church Community Renewal Center 50,000
Sisseton-Wahpeton School Board in Agency Village 500,000
South Cook Education Consortium 400,000
South Dakota Department of Education and Cultural Affairs 2,000,000
South Side School District 40,000
Southeast Associated Ministries, Inc. 20,000
Southeast Missouri State University 170,000
Southeastern Environmental Educational Alliance 200,000
Southern Local School District 40,000
Southern Methodist University: Infinity Project 500,000
Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities (SPRPCE) and Eastern Maine Technical College for Paraprofessional Educators 200,000
Southern Star Development Corporation 40,000
Southwest Texas State University 250,000
Space Education Initiatives Inc 250,000
Spelman Collge 500,000
Springfield School District 440,000
St Clair County Educational Cooperative Board of Control, Belleville 700,000
St. Clair County Board of Education, Ashville 38,000
St. Clair County Intermediate School District, MI 400,000
St. Joseph's Indian School 800,000
St. Stephens Family Life Center 75,000
Stark County Parks, OH 1,000,000
State of Alaska (for Right Start) 1,000,000
Steps to Success of Louisiana 250,000
Steubenville City Schools 40,000
Sylacauga City Board of Education 38,000
Synopsis Silicon Valley Science and Technology Outreach Foundation 100,000

Talladega County Board of Education 38,000
Tallapoosa County Board of Education 38,000
Teaneck Public School District 75,000
TELACU Education Foundation 1,800,000
The Boston History Collaborative 100,000
The Field Museum 250,000
The Imaginarium (Anchorage) 100,000
The National Found for Teaching Entreprenueurship 50,000
THINK Together 440,000
Thirteenth Place Youth and Family Services 10,000
Three Rivers Connect 100,000
Tides Foundation 250,000
Today Foundation, Reading Evaluation and Assessment Demonstration 200,000
Toronto School District 40,000
Trinity Family Life Center, Inc. 10,000

University of Akron ("Exercise in Hard Choices") 500,000
University of Akron (K-12 Urban School Project) 200,000
University of Alaska and Alaska Department of Education (Center for Excellence) 500,000
University of Arkansas Little Rock 200,000
University of Iowa 500,000
University of Nebraska 900,000
University of New Mexico 850,000
University of New Orleans Millennium School Project 1,000,000
University of North Carolina, Reading Together USA 800,000
University of Northern Iowa (National Center) 200,000
University of Northern Iowa (Waterloo project) 600,000
University of South Florida 440,000
University of Southern Maine 440,000
University of Southern Mississippi 100,000
University of Wiconsin (Urban Educator Corps) 500,000
University of Wisconein (Extension School Readiness Project) 200,000
Urban League of Metrotropolitan Denver 300,000
Utah Literacy Project 600,000
Utah State Office of Education 700,000

Vermont Higher Education Consortium 200,000
Village of Riverdale 100,000
Vocational Technical Center 40,000

Walnut Street Theater 25,000
Washingrton Association of Career and Technical Education 250,000
Washington and Jefferson College 200,000
Washington State Department of Education 1,000,000
Washington Virtual Classroom Consortium 750,000
Watertown Public Schools 220,000
Watts Learning Center 285,000
Wausau School District 850,000
Welllington Public School District 250,000
Wellsville Local School District 40,000
West Allis/West Milwaukee School District 200,000
Westchester Philharmonic 50,000
WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consortium (24 Challenge and Jumping Levels) 300,000
Western Michigan University 500,000
Wheeling Jesuit University 3,600,000
Wheeling Park High School 40,000
White Plains School District 260,000
Winfield City Board of Education 30,000
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools: WinstonNet 100,000
Wisconsin Educational Partnership Initiative 350,000
Wisconsin Rapids Area School District 700,000
WNVT/KidzOnline 800,000
Working in the Schools, Chicago 100,000
WQED 205,000

Yell County Schools 150,000
YMCA (Iowa project) 770,000
YMCA of Central Stark County 200,000
YMCA of Greater Seattle 500,000
YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga 300,000
YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee 1,000,000
YMCAs of Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater 250,000
Yosemite National Institutes 500,000
Youth Alive, Inc. 30,000
YWCA of Anchorage 500,000
YWCA of Seattle-King County-Snohomish County 250,000
Zero to Five Foundation 340,000

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