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E. Funds Reserved for State Use

E-1. May an SEA reserve a portion of its allocation for State use?

Yes. An SEA may reserve up to five percent of its CSR allocation under Title I, Part F and up to five percent of its CSR allocation under FIE authority for administration, evaluation, and technical assistance. States must use the remaining funds for competitive grants to eligible LEAs or consortia of LEAs.

E-2. May an SEA combine CSR funds that are reserved for State activities and have been awarded under the separate CSR authorities?

Yes. An SEA may combine funds reserved under the two CSR authorities and need not track them separately. The funds may support administrative, evaluation, and technical assistance expenses related to any part of the State's CSR program.

E-3. May an SEA consolidate CSR administrative funds with those of other grant programs?

Consistent with the requirements in section 9201 of the ESEA, a State may consolidate funds made available for State administration under any ESEA program, as well as other programs that the Secretary may designate for administrative activities designed to enhance the effective and coordinated use of funds under those programs. In addition, a State may use the funds to develop the standards and assessments required under Part A of Title I.

E-4. May an SEA provide LEAs with funding for administration, evaluation, and technical assistance?

Yes. In its CSR application, an LEA may request funds for administrative expenses, evaluation, and technical assistance from the SEA. The State may grant these requests but is responsible for ensuring that the proposed LEA costs do not exceed amounts that are reasonable and necessary. LEAs may not subtract additional administrative funds from school-level CSR allocations. (See F-6, F-7 and F-16.)

E-5. May an SEA use CSR funds that it reserves to provide technical assistance to schools that have completed their three years of funding?

Yes. A State may choose to use its reserved funds to provide technical assistance to CSR LEAs and schools even after their funding period has ended.

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