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CSRD in the Field: Final Update
July 2000
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The Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration (CSRD) Program is designed to provide financial incentives for schools to implement comprehensive reform programs that are based on reliable research and effective practices, and include an emphasis on academics and parental involvement.

CSRD builds upon much of what we know about how children learn and how organizations change. Research on effective schools points to the importance of rigorous curriculum and high standards for all students, an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect among school staff, effective leadership, ongoing and high-quality staff development, efficient school management, and sustained parental involvement.

Research also shows that piecemeal, fragmented approaches to school reform often fail to add up to a coherent whole or raise student achievement. Thus, comprehensive school improvement strategies aim to help transform schools and raise student achievement through consistent, coordinated effort.

CSRD schools use program funds to adopt or develop research-based comprehensive school reform approaches that employ innovative strategies and proven methods. CSRD schools develop and implement schoolwide reform plans that coordinate resources for effective schooling and align instruction, assessment, classroom management, and professional development, to enable all students to meet challenging state standards. In addition, all CSRD sites receive technical support from an external partner with expertise in schoolwide reform.

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