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2006 Congressional Academies Awards
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Grantee Name: Miami University
Project Name: Journey to Freedom: A History and Civics Summer Academy
Project Director: Martin P. Johnson (513) 785-3273
Funding: $233,774
Number of Students Served:40 per year
Number of School Districts Served:8

Miami University will conduct a two-week residential program for 40 high school students providing a comprehensive examination of the issues of slavery and freedom in the Civil War era. Topics to be covered include the rise of abolitionism and freedom expressed in the Underground Railroad as well as the "new birth of freedom" represented by Emancipation and the post-Civil War Constitutional amendments. The overarching and enduring themes of the Journey to Freedom Project are the Constitutional structure of democracy in America, the development of rights and duties for citizens, and the powers and limitations of the three branches of government. Participating students will live at the YMCA adventure camp in Hamilton, receive instruction at Miami Hamilton, visit two sites in Kentucky and Ohio associated with slavery and the Underground Railroad, and visit the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library in Springfield, Illinois.

Grantee Name: Ohio Historical Society
Project Name: Congressional Academy for Students of American History and Civics Education (CA)
Project Director: Jody A. Blankenship-Walden (614) 297-2535
Funding: $336,918
Number of Students Served:80 per year
Number of School Districts Served:Students from districts in 29 counties

Ohio Historical Society's three-year grant program will include a new cohort of participants each year from 29 counties in Appalachian, Ohio. Each cohort consists of 16 student/teacher teams consisting of four students and one teacher from a single school building. The Congressional Academy for Students of American History and Civics Education (CA) begins with a one-week field school during the summer and continues throughout the academic year with a nine-month History/Civics Service Learning Project (HCSLP). The one-week summer field school consists of four sessions: content, analysis, practice, and application. Content covered includes the development of the democratic model of the federal, state, and local systems for more than 230 years. The field school is followed up during the school year through the HCSLP, where students create a permanent community resource, draw attention to traditional American history and civics education, receive critical follow-up support after the field school, and instill leadership and management skills. Ohio Historical Society will also partner with Ohio University, Marietta College, Rio Grande University, the State Archives of Ohio, the Ross County Historical Society, the Athens County Historical Society, and the Perry-Hocking Educational Service Center.

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