How to obtain copies of the Final Regulations for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997
Archived Information

On the Web:

OSEP supports four IDEA'97 partnership projects designed to share information, knowledge and best practices to key audiences interested in creating or producing positive educational results for children with disabilities. Each partnership hosts a Web site that provides user-friendly versions of the regulations along with other important IDEA'97 related information, products and resources.

  • ILIAD serves local administrators
  • ASPIIRE serves service providers, including teachers and related service providers
  • FAPE serves families and advocates
  • PMP serves policymakers

OSEP also provides an online version of the regulations.

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By Mail:

Call EDPUBS to request a printed copy at:

TTY/TTD: 877-576-7734

You can order online via the EDPUBS Website at:

Government Printing Office ($8.00):
Order a copy by calling:

(202) 512-1800

or by writing to:

Government Printing Office
Superintendent of Documents
PO Box 37195-7954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250

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Federal Depository Libraries:

Find the one closest to your area by calling

(202) 512-1530

or through a Federal Depository Library near you.

Government Printing Bookstores ($ 8.00):
Find the one closest to your area by calling

(202) 512-0132

or through the Government Printing Bookstore

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To get a copy in the Washington, DC area:

Send a messenger to:

Office of the Federal Register
800 North Capitol Street
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 523-5227

Cost is 10 cents per page.

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Braille and other alternative formats:

Individuals with Disabilities may obtain this document in an alternate format (Braille, large print, audiotape, or computer diskette) on request by contacting:

Katie Mincey (
Director of Alternate Formats Center

Telephone: (202) 260-9895

Please note: The computer diskette will be available immediately upon request. Large Print and Braille and audiocassette copies will require additional production time.

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Last Modified: 07/19/2007