Implementation of Section 118 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998

Program Memorandum - OVAE/DVTE - FY 99-9

Date:April 23, 1999
To:State Directors of Vocational - Technical Education
State Directors of Community, Technical and Junior Colleges
State Tech-Prep Coordinators
From:Patricia W. McNeil
Subject:Implementation of Section 118 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998

The purpose of this memorandum is to update you on the status of the implementation of section 118 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998.

In Program Memorandum - OVAE/DVTE - FY 99-3, dated December 7, 1998, I had informed you that the Department was proceeding to implement section 118 in Fiscal Year (FY) 1999 and that Governors and eligible agencies (as defined by section 3(9) of the Perkins Act) would need to designate an entity to carry out the functions identified in section 118. This memorandum is rescinded. Section 118 will not be implemented in FY 1999.

The Department had been considering a request for the apportionment of FY 1999 appropriations for the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NOICC) to support the implementation of section 118 in Program Year (PY) 1999. This request would have been consistent with our efforts to implement Perkins III in PY 1999. After discussions with Department attorneys and NOICC, the Department decided not to seek this apportionment of funds.

NOICC and the State Occupational Information Coordinating Committees (SOICCs) are authorized through June 30, 2000 under Section 464 of JTPA. The NOICC/SOICC network will continue through PY 1999, i.e., July 1, 1999, through June 30, 2000. All questions regarding PY 1999 NOICC/SOICC operations should be addressed to NOICC at (202) 653-5665.

We will continue to work with NOICC throughout PY 1999 to address the goals and priorities established in Perkins III. If appropriations are provided for section 118 in FY 2000, the Department will work with the Department of Labor, NOICC, eligible agencies, Governors, and other interested stakeholders to address issues related to the implementation of section 118. Appropriations for FY 2000 should be known by October 1999.

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Last Modified: 09/15/2004