Nonregulatory guidance for programs with advance appropriations in FY 2000


Date:August 29, 2000
To:Governors and Chief State School Officers
Michael Cohen
Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education
Patricia W. McNeil
Assistant Secretary for Adult and Vocational Education
Judith Heumann
Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Subject: Nonregulatory guidance pertaining to programs with advance appropriations in FY 2000

We are writing to provide you with guidance regarding advance appropriations that affect some of our programs in the fiscal year 2000 Department of Education Appropriations Act (Public Law 106–113). Specifically, Congress appropriated a sum of funds for a number of Federal education programs but made only a portion available for obligation on July 1, 2000. The remaining funds do not become available for obligation until October 1, 2000. The grant awards we have recently sent you for the affected programs reflect only the amount of funds made available on July 1.

We have prepared the enclosed guidance for your information. We have attempted to provide State and local educational agencies with as much flexibility as possible consistent with applicable Federal budget and appropriations laws.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional clarification. We look forward to working with you as you implement Federal education programs during the upcoming school year.

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Last Modified: 09/21/2006