Questions and Answers on Consolidated Annual Performance


Date: October 18, 2001
To: State Directors of Vocational-Technical Education
State Directors of Community, Technical and Junior Colleges
From: Ron Castaldi
Director, Division of Vocational-Technical Education
Subject: Clarification Questions and Answers to Assist in Completing the Consolidated Annual Performance, Accountability, and Financial Status Reporting (CAR) Instrument

We are writing to provide you with additional guidance in completing the CAR instrument for the Basic Grant and Tech-Prep Grant programs under the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998, P.L. 105-332 (Perkins III).

The CAR instrument approved by OMB is available on and can be downloaded from our web site: dated September 23, 2001.

As promised, the new URL for the web-based data collection system to submit CAR data is available at:

Also, we have attached an additional list of clarification issues that were recently identified during DVTE State Conference Calls.

On behalf of the staff of the Division of Vocational-Technical Education, I thank those of you who offered us recommendations during the course of refining this instrument. I look forward to continued collaboration on ways to improve the reporting form that will be used for years 3, 4 and 5 reporting periods.




Additional Clarification Issues Pertaining to the Current CAR Instrument

Q. If a state chooses not to use the web-based data collection system to report data, are they required to use the OMB approved Excel forms?
A. States are urged to use the OMB approved Excel forms located on OVAE's website to report their data. This helps eliminate inaccuracies during the transferring of CAR data to DVTE's central database. The web address for the CAR is not yet available, but we will share this information by mid-October.

Q.When a state reports Basic Grant and Tech Prep Student Enrollment data, is the Tech Prep student enrollment a subset of the Basic Grant student enrollment?
A.Yes. The Basic Grant student enrollment data includes all vocational students and the Tech Prep student is disaggregated on the Tech Prep Student Enrollment form.

Q.How should states complete the forms, if they are unable or do not collect data by the required categories?
A.In instances where the state is unable or do not collect data by the required categories, zero should be indicated in the cells. This includes ethnic data.

Q.How many digits after the decimal point should states report the level of performance percentages?
A.States should report the level of performance percentages two digits after the decimal.

Q.Can a state count a student in more than one cluster on the Basic Grant and Tech Prep Student Enrollment forms?
A.Yes. Clusters may be duplicated counts. This may occur if a state is unable to obtain information on the student intent in programs/sequences of courses. However, the totals are actual unduplicated counts.

Q.If a state is unable to report the current year's level of performance data under Core Indicator 3 "Employment" and "Retention," what should be reported?
A.States may report the previous year's data under Core Indicator 3 "Employment" and "Retention," and include a brief description in the narrative explaining the reporting.

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Last Modified: 06/06/2005