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2015 FPCO Letters

  • Letter to the School and College Legal Services of California providing technical assistance regarding concern with the language from OCR's April 4, 2011, Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on sexual violence regarding what information may be disclosed in the notice of the outcome of a discriminatory harassment complaint, and whether the language in the DCL is consistent with the requirements of FERPA. PDF (2/9/15)

2014 FPCO Letters

  • Letter to Kansas Board of Regents about the applicability of FERPA to redisclosures of PII from students’ education records to contractors. PDF (10/07/14)
  • Letter to Nevada Department of Education about the applicability of FERPA to providing parents with access to their children’s education records at the State level. PDF (7/28/14)
  • Letter to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about the applicability of FERPA to a request from a newspaper for access to a certain document maintained by the University. PDF (4/28/14)

2013 FPCO Letters

  • Letter to the University of Massachusetts about how an educational institution can meet its obligations under FERPA without a written agreement when it discloses education records to a State longitudinal data system. PDF (11/22/13)

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