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CAROI's Strategies

The Cooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative

1. Create and Maintain Dialogue with States

Work with key parties to address state concerns, remove obstacles to improved program performance, foster new cooperative methods of audit resolution, and avoid recurrence of violations.

2. Work with States to Resolve Open Audits or Audits Under Appeal

Work with selected states to establish accurate audit inventories and resolve audits from periods covered under prior legislation in a manner that is more consistent with current legislation.

3. Improve the Single Audit Process

Ensure that single audits focus on the most important issues and concerns in Department of Education programs; revise OMB's Compliance Supplement to reflect new flexibilities in a manner consistent with new education legislation.

4. Coordinate Audits, Monitoring, and Technical Assistance

Improve program performance through better coordination of audits, federal monitoring, and federal technical assistance, while encouraging creativity and flexibility at the SEA and LEA levels.

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Last Modified: 03/23/2016