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A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Thursday Notes for February 7, 2002

A Factsheet from the Division of Adult Education and Literacy
Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Edited by Sarah Newcomb


President Requests Level '03 Funding For Adult Ed President Bush's FY 2003 budget request includes an increase for the Department of Education and level funds adult education at $591M. Of that amount, $575M will go for state grants, $10M for national leadership activities, and $7M for the National Institute for Literacy. No funding was requested for literacy programs for prisoners that received $5M last year. The complete budget is available (as a Microsoft Excel file) on the OMB website.
Estimated '02 State Allotments on Web Thanks to some good work by our budget office, the estimated state-by-state adult education allotments for FY 2002 are posted online. See pages 40-41. Both the state grant and the EL/Civics estimates appear there. These may change if we get updated Census data and Immigration and Naturalization Service data, respectively to use in making the allotments.
Bank of America's America/Works Helps TANF Clients Move Up Bank of America's America/Works program helps clients transitioning from welfare to work move into entry-level jobs at local banks and keep moving up. The bank partners with local CBOs, community colleges and/or government to offer customized "pre-hire" training to prepare people for jobs at the bank. It also runs retention/career advancement programs. In Seattle and San Francisco, Bank of America currently is running on-site work-based English as a second language classes to help limited English speakers move from entry-level work to customer service. Partners include Goodwill and City College respectively. In some locations, employees get paid release time to attend. The America/Works program is part of the bank's strong culture of promotion from within. Since 1998, Bank of America has hired more than 3,000 former public assistance recipients and has facilitated the hiring of hundreds more by other companies. Contact Karen Shawcross at Bank of America.
What If You Are Stopped by Police? You or I might know to stay in the car and put the dome light on if police pull us over, but immigrants may not. Lutheran Community Services' English literacy/civics education program-funded by OVAE-has a nifty new pamphlet in six languages, contrasting what it may be customary to do in other cultures and what Americans do. For example, in other cultures a person might offer to pay the fine to the police officer, but in the US, officers would consider this a bribe. Languages include: English; Albanian; Russian; Spanish; Farsi; Swahili and French. For one free copy, contact LSS Birgitta.


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