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A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Thursday Notes for April 25, 2002

A Factsheet from the Division of Adult Education and Literacy
Office of Vocational and Adult Education

Edited by Sarah Newcomb


State Directors, DAEL Meet on NRS Revisions

Five State Directors as well as a state data person met this week with Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL) officials to talk over recommended improvements in the National Reporting System (NRS). The meeting follows dialogs with states during our Washington meeting in February and a recent conversation with the CASAS consortium. We expect conversations on NRS changes to continue during our Charleston meeting next month.

MA, Verizon Partner to Fund Family Literacy

If you're a selected Massachusetts community with an adult education program, you're in luck. The State Department of Education--in partnership with Verizon and the Massachusetts Family Literacy Consortium--is seeking proposals to develop enhanced family literacy services in five communities in the Commonwealth. The Coordinated Family Literacy and Family Support Pilot Project offers a total of $300,000 in grants to help five communities address the range of challenges at-risk families must overcome. The project is expected to build on existing resources and ongoing initiatives to create models for service coordination. Deadline for locales to submit applications is May 31. To apply, visit their website.

ALMA Wins $3M NSF Grant

The Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA) located in New York City recently won a $3M grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help improve adults' math skills. The project, totaling $7.5M includes new episodes of ALMA's New York Emmy award-winning video series "TV411". Also incorporated are community outreach, training and a comprehensive website for hands-on learning for adults at New programs are expected to focus on health, financial, family and e-literacy. Contact for more.

E-Learning Gives Performance Boost

Learning, in this case e-learning, can boost workers' performance giving businesses a near-term return-on-investment says Information Week. At Bristol-Myers Squibb, for example, employees work with managers to pinpoint knowledge gaps that hinder performance, and use online tools to facilitate learning. Toyota's University of Toyota expects to generate $6.2M in savings due to greater employee productivity. The company intends to develop e-learning programs internally and merge all training into a single system, saving the company a further $5.7M over five years. Information Week says most companies combine e-learning with traditional methods. The mix typically includes instructor-led, live online, and self-paced learning. See Information Week. Search for "e-learning" for April 15.

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