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Choosing Life Skills - January 1998

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Life Skills Curriculum


Phillip Roy Inc.
PO Box 130
Indian Rocks Beach, FL 34635


The World of Work, Practical Living Skills, Personal Growth and Management, Social Skills: social awareness, self control, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, risks, values, negation, teamwork; consumerism: decision making, comparative shopping, money management, buying a car, credit; employability: getting a job, job applications, interviews, keeping a job


Ages 16-40; ESL 3-6; Multi-ethnic and gender unspecific. Some of the materials are in Spanish, and there is print size for the legally blind. Audio tapes are also useful for students with limited reading ability.


Print: 17 three-ring binders with full curriculum. Audio tape version also available.


Open entry and exit; lessons may stand-alone. Course/lessons can be taught by an inmate by following the teacher guide. Course may also be used as a resource library.


Teacher manual; lesson plan and student tests with each book


$1776.00 for entire course; call for prices on individual books.

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