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Choosing Life Skills - January 1998

Product Description


From School to Work


Goodheart-Wilcox Company, Inc.
18604 W. Creek Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477-6243


The World of Work, Practical Living Skills, Personal Growth and Management, Social Skills: cooperative education; what schools and employers expect; communicating on the job; math and computer skills; dressing for work; safety on the job; leadership skills; meetings; researching careers; career decisions; applying for jobs; pre-employment tests; interviewing; succeeding on the job; our economic system; a business of your own; income and taxes; managing spending; credit; banking, saving, and investing; insurance; your role as a wage-earning citizen


Interest level adolescent to adult, literacy level 5-7


Print: textbook, student activity guide, teacher's annotated edition, teacher's resource binder (includes instructor's guide and transparency packet of 24 ready-to-use color transparencies).

Software: test creation software, which allows the teacher to create and print testing materials tailored to class needs; Macintosh and PC format


Teacher directed


Negotiate with sales staff.


Text, $29.97
Teacher?s Annotated Edition, $35.25
Student Activity Guide, $7.95
Instructor?s Guide, $25.50
Teacher?s Resource Binder, $69.00
Transparency Packet, $39.00
Test Creation Software, $78.00

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