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FY2006 School Cohort Default Rates (September 15, 2008):

The FY 2006 school cohort default rates are available on the online PEPS database. Please visit the Default Management module of the database to review the latest rate information.

User Guides (September 1, 2006):

The PEPS Training Guides (excluding Financial Partners Training Guides) were updated in September 2006. Please visit the user guides page of this website to download copies to your desktop.

Data Extract Documents Updated (September 1, 2006):

The File Layout Document, Reference Data Document, and Downloading Instructions were updated on September 1, 2006. Please visit the data extracts page of this website to download copies to your desktop.

PEPS 2006 Training Dates Announced (August 2006):

Please visit the training page of this website for more information on PEPS training classes, dates, and location.

Closed School Monthly Reports (May 10, 2005):

The Closed School Monthly Reports (previously distributed via email) have been added to the PEPS website. The closed schools webpage will be updated by the 10th of each month. It contains the report for the current month and three previous months in portable document format (PDF).

PEPS Guide for Dear Colleague Letter G-03-348 (May 5, 2005):

Please visit the user guides page of this website to download a copy of the updated DCL guide.

Revised OPE ID (June 2000):

PEPS is the first Departmental system modified to use the revised OPE ID format. This change is required to accommodate institutions that have more than 99 additional locations within the current 8-digit field constraints. All institutions utilize an 8-digit OPE ID that begins with a "0" (zero). The revised OPE ID method utilizes the first digit as the "hundredth position" in the following manner:

Main Institution 00012300
Location 97 00012397
Location 98 00012398
Location 99 00012399
Location 100 10012300
Location 101 10012301
"     "  
Location 200 20012300
Location 201 20012301
"    "  
Location 300 30012300
Location 301 30012301
"     "  
Location 400 40012300
Location 401 40012301
"     "  
Location 500 50012300
Location 501 50012301
"     "  
Location 600 60012300
Location 601 60012301

The maximum additional location number allowed within PEPS is 699.


At this time, only PEPS, Common Origination and Disbursement (COD), and the Schools Channel use the revised OPE ID format.  All data transmissions between other Departmental systems (e.g. National Student Loan Data System) concerning additional locations which are greater than "99" must be transmitted using the main institution's OPE ID.

The community will be notified as other systems are ready to process utilizing the revised OPE ID.


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