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The Agenda Project / Office of Postsecondary Educaton
About the Agenda Project

A National Dialogue on Postsecondary Education

How can the U.S. Department of Education better serve all those who have a stake in American postsecondary education?

This is the question that leaders from the Department of Education are asking at postsecondary institutions and in communities across the country. We are soliciting ideas and advice from college and university presidents and faculty, trade and proprietary school executives, students, parents, community members, business and technology leaders and others interested in education. We seek your help in developing a national postsecondary education agenda that goes beyond our continuing commitment to providing financial aid for American students - one that will enable us to meet the needs of students, institutions, the business and nonprofit communities and the entire nation in the changing environment of the 21st century.

The Department of Education's Role

In the American system, postsecondary education is a national priority. Yet states, localities and independent organizations have responsibility for providing postsecondary education. A significant Department of Education responsibility, then, is to work with these various entities - promoting inter-institutional and inter-state cooperation, and helping them work together in the increasingly interdependent and international context.

Furthermore, the Department of Education has served postsecondary students and institutions through a wide range of programs aimed at promoting access to, and quality in, postsecondary education and at strengthening international education. More recently, we have taken on new challenges in promoting distance education, improving teacher education, and further expanding opportunity by better preparing K-12 students for postsecondary education opportunities at an earlier age and by promoting access to graduate education.

How can the Department of Education address the new realities facing American postsecondary education? Through the Agenda Project, we hope you will help us address this question.

The Agenda Project Process

Through the winter and spring of 2000, leaders from the Department of Education conducted meetings with representatives from colleges, universities, and proprietary schools; students; business leaders; and others from the public and private sectors who provided their insights. We also solicited written suggestions from all interested groups and individuals.

In the fall of 2000, Department staff will set out a postsecondary education agenda that reflects the advice we have gathered. We anticipate that the Agenda Project will provide an ongoing forum through which all constituents can influence the postsecondary education agenda.

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