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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a low-performing school?

For the purposes of this initiative, low-performing schools are identified by local and State educational agencies using the criteria in Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Any Title I school that has not made continuous and sustained academic progress over two years is identified for improvement.

How does the initiative help low-performing schools?

The Turning Around Low-Performing Schools Initiative seeks to increase student achievement in low-performing schools by mobilizing Department resources to support states, local districts, and individual schools. Through these resources, the initiative aims to improve the quality of school leadership and the teaching force, implement coordinated, research-based reforms, and make more effective use of local, state, and federal resources in these schools.

Are there funds available through this initiative?

This initiative is a Department-wide effort that draws upon resources already available through the Department. For a list of programs with discretionary grants that support turning around low-performing schools, see the Grant Information page.

Will the Department offer technical assistance to introduce this initiative?

The Department will sponsor several regional forums around this initiative. More information on these forums, including dates and locations, will soon be available.

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