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Archives of Ed-Flex Demonstration Program States
Who Received Ed-Flex Authority
Under the
Education Flexibility Partnership
Demonstration Program

Three States still hold Ed-Flex authority under the Demonstration Program: Illinois, Iowas, and Michigan.

List of all Ed-Flex Demonstration Program States
Ed-Flex 12 Demonstration States Date Authority Received
Colorado* July 10, 1996
Illinois July 1997
Iowa July 1997
Kansas* August 22, 1995
Maryland* May 8, 1996
Massachusetts* September 12, 1995
Michigan July 1997
New Mexico* September 4, 1996
Ohio* November 27, 1995
Oregon* February 17, 1995
Texas* January 26, 1996
Vermont* March 13, 1996
Note: States marked by an asterisk have expired
Ed-Flex Demonstration Program authority

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