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2001 Competition 21st Century Community Learning Centers Do’s and Don’ts



Apply as a public school, local educational agency (LEA) or consortium of schools.

Miss the deadline of March 30, 2001 for either postmark or hand delivery to ED.

Identify and justify your status as a public school or consortia of public schools in an inner-city or rural area.

Exceed the 20 page recommendation for your proposal’s narrative text (double-spaced).

Line up your community partners, meet, and assign planning and implementation responsibilities utilizing the strengths each community partner may contribute.

Apply as anything but a rural or inner-city public school, LEA, or consortia of such public schools.

Provide details of the roles and responsibilities each partner will have in the program. Include in the appendix letters of commitment detailing services partners will provide.

Forget to get a mailing receipt from the postal carrier you use. This is your proof of timely submittal of application.

Provide and describe at least 4 of the 13 statutorily required activities.

Propose a program that doesn’t serve children or youth in a public school-based center.

Include activities in the application that link to the school day and promote enriched learning.

Request funds to purchase or construct buildings.

Organize the narrative to address explicitly the Selection Criteria. You will be rated on how well you address these criteria.

Request less than $35,000 total per year per year.

Be specific about goals, objectives, and intended outcomes in the narrative.

Forget to include critical information (such as program services, number of students served, and hours of operation) and all required assurance forms.

Consider providing services in communities with conditions associated with high dropout rates, such as high poverty, weak economic and community infrastructures, large or growing numbers of limited English proficient students and adults, and low levels of parental education.

Forget to sign Form 424 or forget to include the First Year budget request on this form under 13a. "Federal".

Submit an original and four copies of your application.

Send your application and copies in separate packages or submit additional material after you have already sent in your application, as additional material will NOT be considered in the review process.

Write clearly for the reviewers -- use headers, short sentences and paragraphs.

Forget to proofread the proposal! Spell-checks and grammar-checks do not find all the errors.

Provide a budget for each year for the amount you are requesting from the federal government on Budget Form 524. Provide a budget narrative and check your addition!

Forget to sleep, eat, etc....just like we tell the kids. Good luck!

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