ARCHIVED INFORMATION -- Annual Accountability Report Fiscal Year 1995

Evolution of the Federal Role in Education

President Clinton:

Education is "America's great energizer--the best change agent we can possibly have."

1862: First Morrill Act - Land grant program for state agricultural and mechanical colleges

1867: U.S. Department of Education founded to collect information on schools and teaching

1869: Roles transferred to Department of the Interior

1917: Smith-Hughes Act - Support for vocational education

1944: GI Bill - Educational assistance for veterans

1953: Roles transferred to Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW)

1956: Library Services Act - Grants to states for expanding and improving rural libraries

1958: National Defense Education Act- Strengthened instruction in science, mathematics and modern foreign languages

1958: Education of Mentally Retarded Children Act - Assistance for training teachers of the handicapped

1964: Civil Rights Act: Support for schools and colleges during desegregation

1965: Elementary and Secondary, and Higher Education Act - Grant and loan programs to support disadvantaged students

1978: Middle Income Student Assistance - expanded Federal financial assistance for higher education to middle income students

1980: Department of Education established

1986: Drug Free Schools Act - assistance to local communities in developing drug abuse education and prevention programs

1993: Student Loan Reform Act - Phased in direct lending program for higher education students

Secretary Riley:

"Public education is one of the great essential building blocks of our democracy."

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