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Eric Waldo was appointed in November 2010 as deputy chief of staff for policy and programs in the Office of the Secretary. In this capacity, Waldo serves as a senior advisor on a wide array of policy, communications, and strategy issues. He serves as co-chair of the Advisory Council on Dependents Education, providing programmatic recommendations and counsel regarding Department of Defense Education Activity schools. Waldo also serves as the Department of Education's representative to the President's Task Force on Puerto Rico's Status and as the principal legal advisor to the secretary on legal appeals from the Office of Hearings and Appeals. Along with the deputy secretary of education, the secretary's chief of staff and the Department's human capital team, he will help lead the secretary's efforts to meaningfully communicate with and engage all ED staff. He will also assist the chief of staff and the White House Liaison team with personnel recruitment, placement, and professional development of political appointees. He previously served as special assistant to Secretary Duncan.

Prior to joining the Department of Education, Waldo served as an attorney on the Obama-Biden Transition Team, and as deputy and assistant staff counsel to the Obama for America campaign. Upon graduation from law school, Waldo clerked for U.S. District Judge Ann Aldrich of the Northern District of Ohio. He also worked at Providence Summerbridge in Rhode Island, teaching English and improvisational acting to inner-city seventh- and eighth- graders.

Waldo holds a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School, a master's in education from Harvard University, and a bachelor's degree from Brown University.

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Last Modified: 12/08/2010