May 3, 2006 Extra Credit
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May 3, 2006

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"Defying Stereotypes"

The Following article, excerpted below, appeared in the News Journal (DE) (4/28/06):

"Frankford Elementary School was highlighted as a model of excellence Thursday at a Philadelphia summit on the No Child Left Behind federal education reform act…."

"The rural Sussex County school was honored last fall by national education officials for defying stereotypes of what a low-income, racially diverse student body can achieve.

"Smith [principal] said the most important factor for success is creating a culture that doesn't make excuses for why students can't achieve…."

"Last year, every third- and fifth-grader at Frankford passed state tests in reading, and nine of 10 met state standards in math…."

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"Closing the Achievement Gap"

The following article, excerpted below, appeared in the News Tribune (WA) (4/30/06):

"For years, educators have been talking about the achievement gap - the stubborn disparity between minority students' test scores and those of white students…. What's needed now is action from all quarters - teachers, school administrators, churches, parents and the wider community…."

"'But thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act, it's in the spotlight.'

"The federal law requires schools to show progress in closing the infamous gap between disadvantaged students and others…."

"Accepting work that's not up to standards isn't the answer…"

"Closing the gap for black students will go a long way toward helping all students…"

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