April 12, 2006 Extra Credit
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April 12, 2006

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"Schools Closing The Achievement Gap"

The Following article, excerpted below, appeared in the Charleston Post and Courier (4/11/06):

"The West Ashley School was one of 138 schools across the state recognized for narrowing the achievement gap between white students and at least one historically underachieving group, according to a report released Monday by the S.C. Education Oversight Committee…."

"At Oakland, black and white students achieved high scores on the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test in 2005…."

"Students on free and reduced lunch scored higher than their peers who pay full price for meals, with more than 92 percent of students on subsidized meals scoring basic or higher on the test.

" 'It shows that we are dedicated to working hard with all of our kids, and we aren't going to give up,' Oakland Principal Dietra Brown said…."

"Dre'Quan Brown, a third-grader at Oakland, said the small-group format helps him learn. 'We have to work hard and do our best in school,' Dre'Quan said…."


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