October 20, 2005 Extra Credit
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October 20, 2005

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State Highlights Of The Nation’s Report Card

The following articles from several states reported improvements in test scores or in closing the achievement gap as found by the Nation’s Report Card State-by-State Data, released yesterday:


From the Montgomery Advertiser (10-20):

"Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show Alabama fourth-graders fared better on both tests [reading and math] than they did two years ago, when the test was last administered….

"‘Alabama continues to make gains within the various (student) populations that we have,’ said Mitch Edwards, spokesman for the state Department of Education. ‘More work needs to be done for our children to make greater progress and to achieve the nation's average.’…

"This year, Alabama leads the nation testing more of its special-needs students on NAEP, and the scores for special education students increased on both the reading and math portions of the test.

"‘For students with disabilities tested, increases in scores were made in all grades and subjects tested,’ Edwards said. ‘In comparison of regular education students and students with disabilities, the gap between the two groups narrowed in every grade and subject tested.’"


From the Arkansas News Bureau (10-20):

"Arkansas students are performing just as well as their counterparts nationwide, according to test results released Wednesday.

"Scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show Arkansas fourth-grade math and reading and eighth-grade reading results on pace with the national average. Eighth-grade math scores trailed national averages slightly on the test, also known as the ‘nation's report card.’

"State education officials heralded the results at a morning news conference in a room decorated with balloons…. ‘It's a very positive step of progress for Arkansas,’ said state Board of Education member Randy Lawson of Bentonville. ‘It shows a lot of hard work by the educators throughout the state and diligence on behalf of our students.’…

"This year's scores bested results all other previous rounds of NAEP exams in Arkansas, with the exception of results in eighth-grade reading."

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From the Kansas City Star (10-20):

"Kansas educators think their students are improving in reading and math, and national test results released Wednesday suggest they may be right…. Kansas generally matched or exceeded the national gains since the last test in 2003…. Kansas scores stayed ahead of the national pace in reading and math.

"‘I think they’re great,’ Alexa Posny, deputy education commissioner, said of the Kansas scores. ‘In comparison to other states, we’re doing very well. It goes right along with our state assessment results.’ Kansas also marked some narrowing in the achievement gap between white and minority students."


From the Daily Journal of Commerce (10-20):

"Louisiana’s fourth- and eighth-graders improved as well or better than their peers in most categories nationally, according to mathematics and reading results released today by the U.S. Department of Education for the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

"‘I’m glad to announce these exciting results at a time when we all could use some good news in our state,’ said State Superintendent of Education Cecil Picard. ‘We are moving in the right direction.’

"The state continued to close the achievement gap in important subgroups….

"These results show accountability is working,’ said State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education President Glenny Lee Buquet. ‘While we have taken some extraordinary measures when it comes to high stakes testing for this school year due to the hurricanes, we are still very committed to accountability, and I am encouraged by these numbers.’"


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