June 17, 2005 Extra Credit
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June 17, 2005

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“We’re Very Proud of Our Kids and Our Staff”

The following are excerpts from a recent article in The Reporter (WI) highlighting the improvements at the Fond du Lac School District. This year, all district schools have met the states’ reading and math standards under No Child Left Behind:

“The Fond du Lac School District received a passing grade in the annual No Child Left Behind Act student assessment this year. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recently informed the district that all of its schools made adequate yearly progress on test scores after some had come up short in the previous school year.

“‘We’re very proud of our kids and our staff for all of their hard work this year,’ said Director of Pupil Services John von Tish. He said that many efforts were made to improve the test scores over the course of the school year and especially on testing day. ‘We looked at students’ individual education plans and made some changes in the testing environments to accommodate for their needs,’ he said.”

“Teachers and administration members also worked to better align the Fond du Lac curriculum with state standards. ‘We wanted to make sure that we were teaching the standards that were being tested, and that we were teaching them at the right time and in the right sequences,’ he said.

“The efforts of the teachers to accommodate the students’ needs and adjusting the curriculum to match the testing standards resulted in improved results over last year, and improved the students’ perception of the test, von Tish said.”

“District officials hope that this progress will continue into the future and plan to continue to examine sections of the curriculum, define important testing standards, monitor individual education plans and look for new ways to motivate students to do their best, he said.”


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