March 1, 2005 Extra Credit
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March 1, 2005

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Free E-Learning Opportunities For Teachers Available At

The U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher-to-Teacher initiative is continuing to support teachers throughout the country by offering free online professional development opportunities. Thousands of teachers have now viewed the Department’s free online professional development sessions, which focus on improving teachers' content knowledge and teaching skills in reading, math and science.

  • Beginning to Write
  • Examining Student Work: A Protocol for Improving Reading
  • Looking at Vocabulary
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Reading in the Content Areas: It's Just Different
  • Feedback: A Powerful Tool for Raising Student Achievement in Language Arts
  • Developing Computational Fluency in Addition and Subtraction
  • Early Steps Count: Teaching Arithmetic to Prepare Students for Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry: Building Conceptual Understanding in Young Children
  • Patterns to Symbols: Algebra
  • Standards-Based Differentiated Math
  • Taking the "Dense" Out of Density
  • Using Technology to Enhance Algebra Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • NCLB Basics for Teachers and Principals
  • Standards-Based Education and Student Report Cards
  • Turning Data Into Information
  • Building Teacher Leaders

Over the next few months, five additional sessions will be added to the Web site:

  • Monitoring Comprehension (Scheduled for: 3/8/2005)
  • Phonics: The Building Blocks of Early Reading (Scheduled for: 3/22/2005)
  • Feedback: A Powerful Tool for Raising Student Achievement in Mathematics (Scheduled for: 3/29/2005)
  • Building Fluency: Do It Well and Do It Right (Scheduled for: 4/5/2005)
  • Exciting Teachers and Improving Student Achievement With Standards-Based Data (Scheduled for: 4/12/2005)

About Extra Credit
NCLB Extra Credit is a regular look at the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush's landmark education reform initiative passed with bipartisan support in Congress.

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