January 18, 2005 Extra Credit
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January 18, 2005

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Strengthening America’s High Schools: Key Figures From President Bush’s FY 2006 Budget Request Part III

Not only does the President’s proposed budget for FY 2006 provide $1.5 billion for the President’s new High School Initiative, but it also includes the following proposals to ensure that all students read on grade level and improve in math and science achievement:

  • Increasing Reading Skills for America's Striving Readers
    • Students who fall behind in reading have a greater chance of dropping out of high school altogether. The President's Striving Readers initiative provides a focus on improving the reading skills of high school students who read below grade level. This Presidential initiative, first funded in 2005, builds on the No Child Left Behind elementary school reading initiatives. The President's FY 2006 budget will provide $200 million, an increase of $175 million, eight times the 2005 level to improve the reading skills of these high school students.
  • Enhancing Mathematics and Science Achievement
    • To accelerate mathematics and science achievement for our high school graduates, the President will again propose a total of $269 million in the FY 2006 budget, for the Mathematics and Science Partnership program authorized in the No Child Left Behind Act. $120 million will be dedicated to support projects to accelerate the mathematics achievement of all secondary students, and especially low-achieving students. The program works to ensure that states and school districts implement professional development projects for mathematics teachers that are strongly grounded in research, and that help mathematics teachers strengthen their skills.
    • The President also supports partnerships between school districts and public-private institutions to create an Adjunct Teacher Corps, with opportunities for professionals to teach middle and high school courses in the core academic subjects, particularly in mathematics and science. Many school districts are in need of personnel to strengthen instruction in middle and high schools in the core academic subjects, especially mathematics and science.

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