October 13, 2004 Extra Credit
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October 13, 2004

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"[Reading First Funds] Will Allow For More Training Opportunities"

The No Child Left Behind Reading First program provides grants to states to help schools and local school districts improve children’s reading achievement through scientifically based methods of instruction. The following are excerpts from a recent article in The Columbus Telegram (NE) highlighting a Reading First sub grant awarded to a local school in Nebraska:

"Sunrise Elementary School will receive assistance with its reading program from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this year after action Monday evening by the Lakeview Community Schools Board of Education.

"The board voted unanimously to contract with Guy Trainin of UNL, who will process and analyze the school's reading test data and work with administrators to use that information to adjust or improve the school's reading program, if necessary. The services provided by Trainin will cost $4,175 and will be among the items funded by a federal grant through the Reading First program, said Sunrise Principal John Mlinar.

"The $93,400 grant is offered as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. Sunrise is one of 12 Nebraska schools to receive a grant. It is the second year the school has received a grant. Last year, the school received $80,000, which was used to hire a reading coach and for materials and training. The school will also be eligible for a grant next year. Mlinar said funding this year will allow for more training opportunities."


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