August 09, 2004 Extra Credit
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August 9, 2004

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U.S. Department of Education Offers Additional Guidance Related to NCLB and Charter Schools

The U.S. Department of Education has released two updated non-regulatory guidance documents on charter schools.

One of these documents provides guidance on the Department's Charter Schools Program (CSP). It addresses questions the Department has received regarding various provisions of the CSP statute, including those related to student admissions to charter schools, the use of lotteries, private school conversions, and the involvement of for-profit organizations in charter schools. For instance, it says that a charter school that receives funds under the CSP program may weight its lottery in favor of students seeking to change schools under the Title I public school choice provisions.

Guidance is also provided on how businesses, faith-based communities and other community-based organizations and individuals associated with them can be involved in the development and operation of charter schools.

This guidance is available online.

The other document provides guidance related to the application of No Child Left Behind's Title I accountability requirements to charter schools. For instance, it describes the accountability-related responsibilities that the authorized public chartering authority, or another entity designated under state law, must carry out when a charter school has been identified as in need of improvement under Title I. It also describes the resources that may be available to support the authorized public chartering authority (or other entity) in carrying out those responsibilities.

This guidance is available online.


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Last Modified: 08/10/2004