April 19, 2004, Extra Credit
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April 19, 2004

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Free Guide Offers Parents Tips on Helping Their Children Learn Science

Through the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush has made clear his commitment to the goals of raising standards of achievement for all children and providing all children with highly qualified teachers and instruction that is based on scientific research. The U.S. Department of Education's free booklet, "Helping Your Child Learn Science," available in both English and Spanish, is part of the president's efforts to provide parents with the latest research and practical information to help them support their children's learning at home, at school and in the community.

"Helping Your Child Learn Science" includes a range of activities for families with children from preschool age through grade five. Using materials found inside the home and also making learning experiences out of everyday routines, these activities are designed for parents to have fun with their children while developing and reinforcing science skills.

Also included in "Helping Your Child Learn Science" are:

  • Some basic information about science;
  • Practical suggestions for parents on how to work with teachers and schools to help their children succeed in science; and
  • A list of science-related resources, including federal sources of information, publications for parents, science-related children's magazines and books, and information about science camps.

Parents, teachers and others working with children can order a free copy of "Helping Your Child Learn Science" by:

  • Calling the U.S. Department of Education's Publications Center (ED Pubs) toll-free at 1-877-4-ED-PUBS (1-877-433-7827); TTY/TDD: 1-877-576-7734; FAX: 1-301-470-1244;
  • Ordering online at:; or
  • Writing to request a copy: ED Pubs, P.O. Box 1398, Jessup, MD 20794-1398.

This publication is also available online at:


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Last Modified: 04/19/2004